Sabretooth #2 Review

Writer: Victor LaValle

Art: Leonard Kirk, Rain Beredo, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin, Tom Muller, and VC’s Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 9th, 2022

SABRETOOTH now lives in exile from his crimes perpetrated during the foundation of Krakoa. During this time, the Quiet Council was formed along with the three laws of Krakoa establishing drastic consequences for those involved in breaking said laws. Since that time, SABRETOOTH has stood as the one and only prisoner on Krakoa… until the end of SABRETOOTH #1 last month. Unfortunately for the new prisoners who were promised a peaceful timeout, they found the pit has evolved into a nation unto itself. And this nation is exclusively subjugated by SABRETOOTH himself. Let’s dive into SABRETOOTH #2 by Victor LaValle to see what SABRETOOTH has in store for these new recruits.

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This week’s installment of SABRETOOTH focuses more on these new “Exiles” getting some air time than it does on SABRETOOTH. Now, before people jump the gun, these characters aren’t brand spanking new. Yet, their iteration is a bit different than what some hardcore fans might remember. Nonetheless, for the X-MEN truthers out there, they may find this unique spin quite inviting, especially for a few of these characters who haven’t been seen or heard of in years.

Plus, Victor LaValle flips the script rather quickly within this issue, as well as the series. Initially, I thought SABRETOOTH would be trying to escape. However, issue one squelched that idea, which led me to my second idea. It appeared as SABRETOOTH #1 came to a close, that we would be getting a horror comic with SABRETOOTH ultimately playing with the inmates for the entire series. But alas, I was wrong again which was actually fantastic news!

LaValle turns the tables one more time and contours this series into something else entirely, which genuinely excited me. Even though this specific issue wasn’t quite as much fun as the first, it does a solid job of pushing the story forward in a logical direction that should be rather thrilling. Additionally, it will put SABRETOOTH in a different role than we have seen in quite some time which should be pretty intriguing.


The first boo-boo I noticed was the scene where Mole is walking around in an attempt to get help for the people stuck in the pit with SABRETOOTH. Well, he runs into Apocalypse, who I thought was stuck, if not permanently separated, from Earth and this dimension. Did I miss something? Is he now back? And if so, I feel like that should be a big reveal and not dropped in willy-nilly into a throwaway scene in SABRETOOTH #2… unless this takes place before X OF SWORDS. Either way, to fans following since HOXPOX, it just seemed weird and I wish it was explained a bit better.

Furthermore, SABRETOOTH makes references to Satan using 5 angels to take down God… which isn’t what happened at all, Biblically speaking. Plus, I’m pretty confident that it was 1/3 of the angels that fell with him which would mean many more than 5 helped Lucifer. Additionally, the Book of Hebrews makes references to a “multitude” implying that there are countless angels. So, I don’t think 1/3 of the angles is 5 of them. Granted, I get the point LaValle is trying to make as the issue ends, however, the analogy wasn’t needed, necessary, and just not right.


Leonard Kirk does a fantastic job illustrating this issue, however, it definitely wasn’t as murderous and gory as the prior installment. Nevertheless, Kirk still does a masterful job showing the complexity within SABRETOOTH. Readers will still see both a more vicious and monstrous side of Creed but also a more calm, calculated, and emotional perspective as well. So, fans expecting the same dark and gross encounter this time, will be a bit mistaken. Yet, this creative team still manages to provide an eerie balance to its gruesome predecessor that still came across as rather maniacally.


SABRETOOTH #2 uses the Waze App to get back on the highway to Heaven where this road trip started in the first place. Fans wanted to know how SABRETOOTH was getting out of the pit and not how he created this Hellscape to torture other mutants. Thank goodness that angle was never on the horizon for Victor LaValle, even though I was extremely worried there for a bit.

Overall, SABRETOOTH #2 reintroduces some old characters and paints SABRETOOTH in a unique light while making Xavier and the crew come across as the villains of the story. It’s actually quite fascinating. Moreover, I left this issue more excited for the series than the last and find myself curious as to how SABRETOOTH and his crew are going to escape, if they can at all. Sure, there were some small minor missteps but nothing that totally destroys the narrative and is somewhat easy to overlook as you venture through the story. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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