Sabretooth #1 Review

Writer: Victor LaValle

Art: Leonard Kirk, Rain Beredo, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin, Tom Muller, and VC’s Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: Feb 2nd, 2022

When HOXPOX began, SABRETOOTH was asked to steal some data for Xavier yet later became apprehended by the FANTASTIC FOUR. Alas while trying to escape, Victor Creed murdered human lives, which was ultimately one of Krakoa’s new laws that were broken sentencing SABRETOOTH to The Pit. Let’s dive into SABRETOOTH #1 by Victor LaValle as we find out what happened to the first person sentenced to the Krakoan Pit and if the punishment was truly just and fit the crime.

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Regardless of how you see the world, most people would acknowledge a balance. For every wonderful place or good deed, there appears to be a counterweight pulling life in the other direction. Justice and Lawlessness. Love and Hate. And in the most renowned case: Heaven and Hell. Well, in this week’s SABRETOOTH #1 by Victor LaValle, readers will not only get to see what Krakoan Hell looks like BUT they’ll also get to see who the King is and it might surprise you!

If you’ve been curious as to what’s happened to SABRETOOTH, you’ll get that answer in full effect. It may not be the answer you wanted or thought, yet it’s still an interesting twist that makes SABRETOOTH #1 quite unexpected. Moreover, LaValle nails the characterization of SABRETOOTH so well. Oh, he’s angry! Of course, who wouldn’t be after being sentenced to prison in a rather hypocritical way? But, LaValle dives a bit deeper making SABRETOOTH even more merciless, ruthless, and twisted.

He’s a cold-blooded killer without a conscience or care in the world. And, he’d kill you where you stand just for sport, which is exactly what a savage beast would do and the exact tone LaValle helps portray. Readers extremely distant or removed from SABRETOOTH will most certainly get an opportunity to expand their horizons this issue making this comic incredibly stellar for older fans pandering for his return as well as newer fans curious to learn a bit more about the character.


Leonard Kirk has a field day on this issue. If you like graphic displays involving murderous rampages, blood, guts, and multiple lacerations down to the skull on a variety of pages, Kirk is your man! LaValle certainly gets the dialogue and perception down. However, it’s Kirk who paints the violent picture and nature of SABRETOOTH so vividly with a cascade of amazing characters to boot.


SABRETOOTH #1 perfectly depicts WOLVERINE’S most hated adversary flawlessly right down to the emotional state and killer instincts. Moreover, readers will get the basic foundation as to what Victor Creed has been up to since his sentencing. What’s even more clever is that it genuinely won’t be what readers expected yet that lack of expectation doesn’t diminish too much from the story. Readers will still find the scope and synopsis unique and wildly interesting.

Additionally, LaValle writes the inner dialogue of SABRETOOTH so well showing the amount of research and time put forth into this story. Readers, I don’t know exactly where this series is going. Nevertheless, I can’t help but be intrigued by the next issue. I highly recommend picking up SABRETOOTH #1 and adding it to your pull list. Like HELLIONS, it wasn’t something I thought I needed but turned out to be something I didn’t want to be without. Now, it may be too early to stand firmly in the last part of that statement. But, the first half most certainly holds validity and weight. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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