Maestro: War and Pax #2 Review

Writer: Peter David.

Artists: Javier Pina & German Peralta.

Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov.

Cover Artists: Dale Keown & Jason Keith.

Reviewer: StoryBabbler.

The Maestro’s campaign of world conquest continues, but this time a new player has stepped into the game: Doctor Doom. The Monarch of Latveria is making plans with some of the Hulk’s old friends to topple his regime before it really begins. Maestro: War and Pax #2 shows us how the new Maestro of the world handles these new threats in his quest for world domination.

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The comic picks up where the last issue left off with Dr. Doom meeting with the Pantheon, or rather they ignore his summons so he makes his way to have their talks. Peter David really nails down Dr. Doom here. He depicts him as the regal ruler he is with the same manners and diabolical scheming you should expect. Doom’s  clearly keeping his endgame from everyone but he’s clear in his current goal: to stop Maestro. A fight I’m sure most fans can’t wait to see.

We also see the Pantheon step up as characters in this comic as they take the spotlight alongside the Maestro. It catches up readers on what they really need to know about this group, where their loyalties lie, their past relationship with the Hulk, and how some of them feel about his actions. More importantly, it shows what they’re willing to do to take him down. Speaking of which, the Maestro continues to shine as a fun and engaging character with each of his interactions whether it’s with his Minister or the Pantheon.

What’s critical here is the Maestro’s underlying melancholy that’s being portrayed here. It’s not exactly overt but sometimes it slips through in some of his actions, his words, and his expression. Thanks in no small part to the artist and colorist. What’s more is we see the intelligence of the Maestro, as this older Hulk navigates evading certain questions while still displaying his forwardness in taking over the world.

The backup story did fill in some answers concerning the fates of certain members of the Pantheon. But the big takeaway from it was the feeling of tragedy, guilt, and rage in the characters. Hopefully, these same emotions carry over into the main story.

Final Thoughts

Peter David continues to excel with the Maestro series. Maestro: War and Pax #2 follows up on the previous issue and continues the ride that the first series started. There’s some laughs, some scheming, some action, and some development. In the end, it left me wanting more of the Maestro and his dystopian journey. I can’t recommend this series and this comic enough to Hulk and Marvel fans new and old.


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