Amazing Spider-Man #60 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer.

Artist: Mark Bagley.

Inkers: John Dell & Andrew Hennessy.

Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg.

Cover Artists: Mark Bagley, John Dell & Nathan Fairborn.

Reviewer: StoryBabbler.

Peter Parker has been through a lot in the past ten issues. He’s been put through the torture of Kindred, discovered a big revelation about his new foe, and is now reeling from the whole event. After everything with Martin Li and Mr. Negative, The Amazing Spider-Man #60 shows how Peter handles everything that he’s had to deal with.

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Honestly, this comic is what Peter should’ve had before the whole Mr. Negative fight. Essentially, this is a cool down issue where Peter tries to take in everything that’s happened to him with Kindred and the revelation of his secret identity as Harry Osborn. I can imagine a lot of people will take this comic differently, but it cannot be said that Peter is not conflicted about what’s happening to him.

Nick Spencer is really trying to show the emotional weight and toll that Kindred’s actions have on Peter as a man and especially as Spider-Man. To longtime fans, this is more of the same but in a different form. Peter is trying to figure out where to go with his life knowing that his best friend has turned on him, again. That’s kicker here, Spencer is calling on Peter’s history to show how much being Spider-Man has affected him and really wants to push the point home. But the biggest star is MJ, who really comes through for Peter in this issue.

There’s some progress made by the end but Spencer isn’t done with the Kindred storyline and is setting up a new storyline and is potentially going to give Spidey fans what they’ve been asking for years to do.

The Amazing Spider-Man #60 Spoilers:

For any Spidey fan who doesn’t like Nick Spencer and how he’s handled this Kindred storyline, there is one good thing that might come out of this. By the end, we see Doctor Stephen Strange go to Mephisto, who’s now fine and dandy, and asks him: What is wrong with Peter’s soul? And that devil’s smile only means one thing. The series will dig into One More Day. I’m not holding out hope that Spencer will undo it, it seems he’s exploring it for this whole story. To finally resolve this stain on Spider-Man’s history and apparently his soul. Although by that account, MJ should be in the same boat since they both made the deal.

Either way, if there’s anything to take from this, it’s that the comic is finally bringing this up and will be actively exploring the storyline. It’ll probably remain in the background until Spencer finishes his upcoming Crime War arc.

Final Thoughts

This comic is a necessary cool down for Peter Parker but quickly sets up new storylines in the upcoming issues. One of which Spidey fans of all kind should keep an eye on in the following comic issues. Either way, it’s an okay read that holds nuggets of potentially greater storylines ahead.


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2 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man #60 Review

  1. 7/10? You gotta be kidding.

    This is, at least, a 15/10.

    I’ve been waiting for it since that ominous (one more) day, back in 2007.

    1. Indeed, a lot of Spider-Man fans have been waiting for this, myself included. However, I feel it’s better to play it safe and not get our hopes up. We still need to see how this plays out. Marvel Comics has had a decade to recognize and undo this storyline but chose not. Hopefully, Nick Spencer does something substantial with this.

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