King Spawn #26 Review

Writer: Todd McFarlane

Artist: Javi Fernandez

Colorist: Ivan Nunes

Letterer: Andworld Design

Cover Artists: Mike Deodato, Jr.; Kael Ngu

Publisher: Image

Price: $2.99

Release Date: October 4, 2023

While he argued they joined forces to take down Cogliostro, Clown killed Spawn’s friend Yoko. Now Spawn’s fed up. So, he’s gearing up. Spawn won’t be a pawn in Heaven and Hell’s game. Who is he going after? Let’s leap into King Spawn #26 and find out!

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Knives. Guns. Modern assault armor. Spawn straps it all on, then flies through the night. He searches for a woman. One who can aid him: the Visage. Al Simmons will never join forces with his wife’s murderer. But Clown was right about one thing. Whoever sits on Hell’s throne can harm Earth. Spawn reigns harm upon his enemies to prevent this. He flies through the shadows of our world like a bat out of Hell. All the while, he seeks a kindly old lady.

News personalities muse upon the relationship between caped crusaders and global warming. Do costumed superheroes proliferate alongside extreme weather events? Spawn may not be responsible for the latest heatwave in King Spawn #26. Still, is he willing to expose his secrets and risk all to prevent villains like Cogliostro and Clown from controlling Hell?


Gloved fingers grab grenades, load guns, and wreath Spawn’s chest with bands of bullets. Moonlight casts his shadow upon buildings, thanks to artist Javi Fernandez. Lights gleam in the night from New York City skyscrapers as Spawn perches upon a denuded tree in King Spawn #26. His cape carries him like batwings as the symbiote soldier Al Simmons swoops down upon his enemies.

Spawn’s crimson cape gives way before the red neon nightclub sign as Al Simmons enters. Red ceiling lights threaten to turn the splattered blood brown. Al’s teeth gleam and his eyes glow green as Ivan Nunes imbues King Spawn #26 with colored film noir appeal.

Yellow uppercase letters glow within brown narrative boxes as Todd McFarlane relates Spawn’s actions. Giant red sound effects punctuate Spawn’s Breaking And Entering. Uppercase black letters inhabit white dialogue balloons as Spawn questions his victims and begs his favor. Andworld Design delivers a fast-paced horror adventure that’s Heaven on the eyes in King Spawn #26.

Final Thoughts

Do the ends ever justify the means? To prevent a greater evil, Al Simmons lays aside his principles and engages in aggressive negotiations with the blood-soaked King Spawn #26.


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