Immortal X-Men #15 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Art: Paco Medina, David Curiel, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Mark Brooks, Tom Muller, and Jay Bowen

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: September 6th, 2023

After the Gala, we wondered – did anyone survive the experience? Now we discover the real question: How long can anyone survive this? Let’s dive into Immortal X-Men #15 and find out!

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Immortal X-Men #15 was a bit too weird and confusing to connect the dots within this Fall of X. The main focus of this issue was on those mutants lost in the desert led by Exodus. However, they come across an unlikely red-skinned helper and a band of wild Wolverines that just don’t make sense or fit well in context. Where are these wandering mutants? Where did the wild Wolverines come from? What does Apocalypse have to do with any of this? Why are some of the mutants almost powerless? Moreover, the Sebastian Shaw angle earlier in the issue seemed not only uneventful but also pointless. What exactly is being set up here and why?

Readers, Immortal X-Men #15 was extremely choppy and hard to follow. Whereas the last issue was more focused on Xavier, this week’s Exodus of the desert, lost mutants, and too many unknowns making this story even more disorganized and developing even more questions. Heck, the most passionate and impactful element from the last issue was barely touched this month involving Xavier. Thus, after reading Immortal X-Men #15, it appears as though Gillen is using this series to help readers find out where these mutants have gone. That said, in the large landscape of X-Men titles, it appears as though most of them are simply by name alone but don’t focus on anything as they were before. So, come prepared searching for clues that just aren’t there.


What I expected to get from Immortal X-Men #15 was more Xavier, more feeling, more anguish, and a man bent on revenge. Instead, readers get more weird Exodus talk, an opening sidebar about Sebastian Shaw, choppy development, more questions, and even more confusion. In terms of important books to read throughout this Fall of X, this one certainly doesn’t top the list like X-Men does. However, until Gillen can iron out the direction and purpose of this book, I’d tread lightly. Nevertheless, the characters Gillen appears to be focusing on have the potential to spark an interesting read.

However, fans need to be given something in order to buy in on this series. Wandering a desert with no answers once a month isn’t going to be enough to keep this reviewer locked in, especially with very little action, suspense, and story development at this time. The Hellfire Gala sparked a ton of questions that need some type of answer, or at least clues to answers, before the reader’s interest begins to fade. I left the Hellfire Gala pumped for what’s to come. However, that excitement has now faded away. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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