Hellions #14 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Rogê Antônio, Rain Beredo, VC Ariana Maher, Tom Muller, and Stephen Segovia

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: August 4th, 2021

For those that forget, Mr. Sinister sent a clone of himself, along with the HELLIONS, to Amenth to stop X OF SWORDS before it even began. However, Sinister’s clone was capture and at least half the HELLIONS were killed by Tarn the Uncaring attempting this insurgence. Luckily, the clone was able to send Psylocke back to Krakoa with the Arakkii genes to achieve his secret plan.

Nevertheless, as Psylocke returned with the remaining HELLIONS successfully, the real Mr. Sinister was there to kill the remaining members upon arrival! Yet, as the last issue of HELLIONS began, readers discovered that the Sinister clone survived AND returned carrying the truth of that expedition to Krakoa as well as the Locus Vile (the followers of Tarn). Let’s dive into HELLIONS #14 by Zeb Wells to see if the real, dastardly cunning Mr. Sinister can weasel his way out of this $&@$ storm he’s put himself and his team in before he pays with his life!

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Readers will find this issue of HELLIONS very straightforward while Wells also divulges some extra information as to why Tarn seems to care so much about what happened on Amenth. Now, are Sinister’s Secrets revealed? Not really. We still don’t entirely know his motives. However, as HELLIONS #14 comes to a close, readers will get a pretty good idea as to what he’s been working on behind closed doors.

Wells doesn’t skimp on handing out answers this week peeps. Fans will also get a taste as to what’s so different with Orphan-Maker, Nanny, and Wild Child. Heck, look no further than the middle of this issue of HELLIONS as these three mutants become favorites among X-MEN comic fans. Rogê Antônio and Rain Beredo lead the charge in showcasing some extremely vivid action sequences that will fill readers with a sense of excitement that this title hasn’t seen in a couple of months.

Now, if there was an element lacking in this week’s HELLIONS, it would be the snarky, syndical, and hilarious nature that Wells normally writes into his take on Mr. Sinister. Readers will actually see the more sniveling, almost whimpering Sinister stalling for time. Yet, Wells finds a way of making up for it as HELLIONS #14 concludes with Sinister doing some of the most weaseling things possible for him to survive. Readers will be left at an intriguing cliffhanger that could genuinely send this series in any direction.


As always, X-MEN fans will leave HELLIONS mesmerized by what Wells has organized with this cast of misfits and delinquents. This issue is fun and exciting with a plethora of curveballs at every turn. HELLIONS #14 is so engaging, inventive, original, and enticing for comic fans alike. However, it isn’t the best place for new fans to jump on board. Wells continues to deliver and I highly recommend catching up on past trades and issues before diving into this gem. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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