Geiger #5 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Cover Artists: Gary Frank & Brad Anderson (Cover A)

Publisher: Image Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Geiger, his two-headed mutant wolf Barney, and his new traveling companions have run amok of dangerous Organ Hunters. After a brief vehicular chase, and a little bit of nuclear fighting, the group was able to shake the marauders off only to run into a new problem. Geiger #5 shows the group meet the original owners of their package in what’s left of NORAD.


So, the previous issue felt a little bit more generic with the Organ Hunters showing up from their designs, backstory and even the nature of the fighting itself. The comic felt like something straight out of a Mad Max movie. Aside from Geiger’s combat scenes and even the brief bit with Barney tearing off one or two Organ Hunters, the issue was very by the numbers. This time though, things are turning around as Geiger and company encounter what’s left of the formal U.S. government and military.

Hailee and Henry meet some of NORAD’s soldiers and personnel and they seem well-enough. Of course, the staff don’t give Geiger and Barney the same warm welcome and from the start you know something bad’s going to go down. You don’t know what, but something will happen. Naturally, it shows what the Mad King of Las Vegas and his crew are up to, but it’s very brief and only serves to identify where they’re at in this chase, but they’re not a focal point in this issue.

The comic shows the ins and outs of the NORAD base, showing some of the staff and command structure in place there. Again, the people are welcoming enough to the kids while they try to study Geiger and that goes about as well as you’d expect. It also provides a brief and succinct explanation on what happened to the “Holy Grail” which is revealed to be a Nuclear Football. The comic ups the stakes and reveals why ownership of it will mean for whoever has access to it.

For the kids, the base is a nice reprieve from the outside dangers they’ve had to deal with recently. For Geiger, it’s just another stop for him and Barney. Things get tense later on in the comic that showcase the darker aspect of the NORAD facility, and things ramp up near the end as Geiger and Barney prepare to face a new threat for the next issue.

Final Thoughts:

Last issue had Geiger and company running into mutant marauders, now Geiger #5 has them finally reach their destination. In this issue, things calm down for the kids while Geiger and his mutant pet Barney get the cold treatment. The comic explains what the group’s package actually is and what it would mean for anyone who owns it. The facility itself isn’t anything too special, serving more like a pit stop for the kids. However, things get tense again when the kids discover some darker things about the people there, and Geiger and Barney come to the rescue just as the comic teases a new enemy in the next issue.


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