Geiger #4 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Cover Artist: Gary Frank

Publisher: Image Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Years ago, the Earth almost went out with a bang and nearly took humanity with it. But they survived, especially a man called Geiger who gained his own radioactive powers. In this post-apocalyptic world, the current mad King of Las Vegas lost his great “Holy Grail” to a waitress and her family, and while the mother is gone, the kids find themselves under Geiger’s protection as Geiger #4 shows them moving forward on a shared quest.

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Previously, it could be argued that the past issues were mainly setting up the world of Geiger while slowly moving the overall plot. This issue decides to go full throttle and take readers on an actual ride with a story that very much fits the post-apocalyptic genre. Like previous issues, this one continues to shed some more light on Geiger’s origins concerning the blast and his powers and only gives the relevant information without becoming a full-on flashback. Giving readers bits and pieces instead of more exposition.

The story follows Geiger, the two kids Hailee and Henry, and his two-headed mutant wolf Barney hitting the road as they make their way on a road trip to Arizona. There they intend to find some answers about the mysterious “Holy Grail” in their possession that was stolen from the King of Las Vegas. Speaking of the King, the story also shows a little more of his character as the young, mad monarch of Las Vegas reveals more of what the “Holy Grail” is, a bit more of his backstory, and more expansion of the interplay between the villainous leaders of Las Vegas.

The comic manages to explain certain things while rooting the expository details in more natural dialogue, for the most part. The comic doesn’t stay too long on Las Vegas and shifts over to the main story as Geiger’s road trip is interrupted by the new enemies, the Organ People. Now these cannibalistic marauders get their own little backstory that’s succinctly given just so the comic can get right to the action. They’re not the most memorable villains but they fit in with the nuked setting.

When the action starts, the comic looks pretty good especially when Geiger is fighting with his powers. Again, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson continue to make Geiger’s powers look visually cool when they’re in use. The sequences themselves are nothing too crazy but they’re still fun to see. By the end, it feels like the comic is actually moving the overall plot forward as Geiger and the others make progress in their quest.

Final Thoughts:

Geiger #4 gets things rolling with some humor, action, and a story that expands on the main character as well as some of the main villains. The fight sequences are drawn well and Geiger looks great when he’s using his powers as usual. This comic is where things start to pick up the pace as it makes actual development with the main characters’ journey.


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