Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II #2 Review

Writer: Paul Dini & Alan Burnett
Art: Ty Templeton

Colors: Monica Kubina

Publisher: DC
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 7/6/21
Reviewer: Soycornholio

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Court Fight:

Everything about this issue is so amazing, that I must call Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Ty Templeton, and Monica Kubina the creative team for Batman: The Adventures Continue: Season 2 #2 (that’s a mouthful). Besides the obvious nostalgia bait, this issue has a solid dialogue between the characters and could easily stand as one of the Infinite Universes. Let’s dive in!

*Mild spoilers to follow*


Like most young comic readers, I use to solely read issues that contained the heroes that I knew. At the time, it was Justice League (young me thought I was reading about the Super Friends; happy accident) Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Teen Titans. Everyone else was pretty much off-limits (due to lack of interest). As I grew older, I fell in love with more heroes such as Zatanna, the various members of the Bat-Family, and even the Green Lantern to an extent. However, it was not until early this year (2021) that I read a Deadman story. Granted, it was a team-up with Batman, (Brave and Bold #79) but it was nonetheless Deadman as well! After reading this story arc, I fell even more in love with the character.

Boston Brand in the Adventures Continues retains all his charms and adds a certain je ne sais quoi that makes him the perfect balance to Batman. Yes, the Dark Knight has various birds (and other bats) that can be used as his opposites, but Brand truly is his own character (aka Batman cannot scare him). He does what he wants when he wants. For example, who in their right mind would possess Alfred and make him do backflips? Deadman of course! And the only thing Batman can do is ask if he has a house to haunt. Beautiful.


Often, comics try to push certain characters ad nauseam. In the first issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue: Season 2, there were multiple characters pulled out of the toy chest. We had Bruce, Deadman, Zatanna, Nightwing, and Batgirl (to name a few). Batman: The Adventures Continue: Season 2 #2 paired everything down, and mostly centered itself around Bats and Deadman. Both Nightwing, Robin (Tim Drake), and Alfred make cameos (amazing conversation between Dick and Tim with Tim being concerned that Bruce was losing it due to him talking to seemingly nothing) but the attention rightfully switches.

The villains in this story captures the dichotomy of Batman’s Rogue gallery. For the most part, everyone can be categorized as either a mobster/gangster/corrupt politician OR an insane serial killer. The Court of Owls continues to give Batman and run for his money but unlike Snyder’s original interpretation of the Court, Batman is easily able to wrap up this arc. However, the last panel shows an owl statue watching over Gotham…The Court of Owls is never finished.

Final Thoughts:

So, what are my final thoughts about Paul Dini’s, Alan Burnett’s, Ty Templeton’s, and Monica Kubina’s Batman: The Adventures Continue: Season 2 #2 (again, a mouthful)? These last two issues were amazing. We are served classic characters, new storylines, and the nostalgic era of Batman: The Animated Series on a silver platter. I would 100% recommend picking up not only this issue but the preceding issue as well. You will not be disappointed!


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  1. Thank you for the review. This just reminds me that I have to catch up with this set of Batman comics and now I can’t get to them quick enough.

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