Gamma Flight #1 Review

Writers: Al Ewing & Crystal Fraser

Artist: Lan Medina

Color Artist: Antonio Fabela

Cover Artists: Leinil Francis Yu & Sunny Gho

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

A while ago, the Immortal Hulk returned to the world of the living, and in response, Gamma Flight was created from Alpha Flight to help deal with him. However, things got complicated over time, and they ended up working with the Hulk to stop a greater threat. Gamma Flight #1 shows where the team are at and what they’re going to do now.

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So, the series takes place after the events of the current story arc in The Immortal Hulk. Thankfully, the issue doesn’t spoil exactly what happens after the events of the latest issue #47 of Immortal Hulk or the issues to come after it. So, no one has to worry about the comic spoiling the final story of The Immortal Hulk, aside from the fact that the cast survives the events of the series.

The story follows Gamma Flight, the spin-off of Alpha Flight created to monitor and stop the Immortal Hulk, consisting of Puck, Crusher Creel aka The Absorbing Man, his wife Titania, and Dr. Leonard Samson now Doc Sasquatch who are later joined by Bruce Banner’s ally, Dr. Charlene McGowan. This comic has the goal of establishing the team, their character dynamics with each other, and what they’ll be focused on going forward.

This is the main priority of the comic, showing where everybody’s heads are at now since they’re on the run. It shows Absorbing Man and Titania together, what Doc Sasquatch wants, and what roles Dr. McGowan and Puck serve in the team. Now, some character interactions will be more impactful than others, with some feeling like they’re being setup for future development in later issues. The majority of their moments together will feel odd but wholesome, for the most part.

However, while it might seem that the issue is all talk and no action, there is definitely some action to be found here, as well as some good ol’ Gamma body horror. It’s not Joe Bennet’s art, but Lan Medina and Antonio Fabela still do good work capturing the grotesque and monstrous body horror of Immortal Hulk in their own way.

The story has the fugitive Gamma Flight get involved with a new story involving Gamma-mutates, setting up the new threat, the mystery of who they are and what their goals might be. There will also be a big reveal that longtime Hulk fans will enjoy to see in this comic. By the end, readers will see there’s more than meets the eye with the Gamma Flight series.

Final Thoughts:

Gamma Flight #1 does a solid job of establishing the team and what the miniseries’ story will be about going forward. You get a sense of where the characters are at now that they’re on the run, what some of the team dynamics are, and who the main threat will be going forward. The art and colors from Lan Medina and Antonio Fabela looks good depicting both the human characters and gamma mutates on page. This is definitely a comic for Immortal Hulk fans who want to see more of Gamma Flight.


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