Infinite Frontier #1 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Xermanico, Mitch Gerads

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: June 22nd, 2021

When our heroes reclaimed the Multiverse during the DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL event, everything was placed back to where it was supposed to be. All the devastation from all the Crises was nullified, and the heroes long thought dead returned. Well, most of them anyway. However, Alan Scott, the GREEN LANTERN from the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, has discovered some of his allies are still missing, and he’s determined to get them back! Yet some, like Roy Harper, would rather stay hidden. Let’s dive into INFINITE FRONTIER #1 by Joshua Willaimson to see what all this means for the DCU within the Multiverse moving forward and who might still be missing as this new DC Omniverse takes shape.

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Right out of the gate, let me start by saying how exciting this issue made me feel. The impression this gave was very reminiscent of the first time I read DC REBIRTH. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s exciting. It’s interesting. And, this issue will leave readers fascinated with tons of brand new questions. Additionally, before I dive into specific aspects of INFINITE FRONTIER #1, I’d just like to point out the obvious: this is the perfect place to jump back into DC COMICS!

As DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL was coming to a close, it was rather intense and difficult to understand. Furthermore, the event was long, drawn-out, and seemed a bit over the top. That being said, it was still a wild ride that was a ton of fun to read. However, it was meant for the die-hard fan AND was extremely difficult to dive into at any moment. Enter INFINITE FRONTIER. New readers, all you need to “really” know in order to understand the next phase of DC COMICS is practically in this book. Sure, some background information would be helpful, however, it’s not needed to appreciate this next phase of DC COMICS. Furthermore, the issue was easy to follow and easy to understand.


One of my all-time favorite stories ever was FLASHPOINT. Side note: if you haven’t read that story, you need to check it out! Why? Well, I loved the concept of Thomas Wayne BATMAN. And needless to say, he’s back! Now, for those who’ve been following DC COMICS for the past two years, Thomas Wayne BATMAN’S story took a ridiculous turn during Tom King’s BATMAN run. Without standing too high on my soapbox, let’s just say King’s Thomas Wayne changed the character in some odd ways. So, seeing him re-emerge in this new INFINITE FRONTIER is extremely gratifying.

Frankly, there has been a few characters that King has contorted, including Wally West in HEROES IN CRISIS. And now, Jeremy Adams is taking the liberty of rewriting that ship in the current ongoing FLASH, which everyone needs to check out! Therefore, I’m beyond jazzed to see Thomas Wayne because I have high hopes that this character can also get back on track like Adams is doing with Wally West.


Another character who has been partially wronged in recent years also becomes a focal point as this issue of INFINITE FRONTIER comes to a close. Roy Harper is back! Now, we can split hairs as to who reset his trajectory but nevertheless, it looks like this new INFINITE FRONTIER will be doing the very same thing for this character as well. Furthermore, the premise of this INFINITE FRONTIER appears to be rewriting so many of the wrongs that fans have been frustrated with during DC REBIRTH and even throughout the NEW 52. It’s as if Thomas Wayne, Alan Scott, and Roy Harper are going to be the first promises that fans can hang their hats on. And for those Roy Harper fans out there, you’ll love the shocking cliffhanger as INFINITE FRONTIER comes to a close!


Xermanico’s illustrations are truly phenomenal. His characters are extremely detailed and crisp while providing perfectly placed splash pages that simply add to the reader’s level of excitement. The colors are bright, vivid, and truly enhance the issue making it worth the cover price instantly. Furthermore, Xermanico’s panel progressions mixed with the character’s facial expressions infused so much attitude, emotion, and enthusiasm into the issue. Readers, the story was amazing but Xermanico made it next level!


Call it mending fences. Call it fixing mistakes. Call it fan service. Call it whatever you want. Just know before diving into INFINITE FRONTIER #1 that this series is set up as a spectacular introduction that’s inviting for new and old fans alike. Sure, you’ll have more questions than answers in this opener, but it’s issue one for Pete’s Peppers! It provides insight into the new state of the land at DC COMICS while sparking intrigue and excitement for a comic company that’s felt a bit stagnant in recent years. This series feels uplifting, hopeful, and thrilling all at the same time while providing the perfect place for fans to jump back into DC COMICS.

Williamson provides an excellent balance of the old with the new in an easy-to-understand package. I can’t recommend this issue enough and hope anyone whose been on the fence with DC COMICS as of late decides to jump back on board. I think you’ll leave INFINITE FRONTIER #1 excited for the future of the company and I haven’t felt that way for a long time. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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