Future State: Justice League #1 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson and RAM V

Art: Robson Rocha, Marcio Takara, Marcelo Maiolo, Rob Leigh, Daniel Henriques, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Tom Napolitano

Publisher: DC COMICS

Release Date: January 12th, 2021

Price: $4.99

In FUTURE STATE: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1,  experience the outset of a new era for the JUSTICE LEAGUE featuring Jon Kent as SUPERMAN, Yara Flor as WONDER WOMAN, Jo Mullein as GREEN LANTERN, Andy Curry as AQUAWOMAN, a new FLASH Jess Chambers, and Tim Fox as BATMAN! Concurrently, they safeguard the future, yet separated, their secret identities are confidential even from each other. Let’s dive into FUTURE STATE: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 by Joshua Williamson to discover why these secrets remain and why their greatest enemies are found murdered in the old Hall of Justice. And, don’t forget about the additionally JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK tale from Ram V also packed into this week’s installment. Let’s take a look!

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Out of all the FUTURE STATE stories I’ve read to date, this was one of the most fun, thrilling, and refreshing. Now, if we dive into the JUSTICE LEAGUE narrative by Williamson, we immediately are thrusted into the unknown. Readers don’t know exactly how this iteration of the league was formed and where the original team is. Some are off-world and some are just not accounted for. However, Williamson quickly picks up the pace and skips over those details to jump forthwith into what appears to be an easily digestible and intriguingly entertaining tale that seems pretty big… but not so big it’s convoluted and cluttered with nonsense like recent DC COMICS.

Much isn’t released on this issue other than who’s the big baddies, as well as who the current JUSTICE LEAGUE members are in this FUTURE STATE. However, Williamson does fan the flames of a few major differences, as well as some emotional constraints that appear to be hindering the team. Furthermore, Williamson slyly dangles an interesting plot thread that kind of gets overlooked that I hope to get more information on. What’s that you say? Well, there is a picture of the original JUSTICE LEAGUE team being betrayed by one of their own. According to the picture, it can’t be WONDER WOMAN, BATMAN, SUPERMAN, GREEN ARROW, or MARTIAN MANHUNTER. So, who was it? And, do they connect to this story? Additionally, is that why many of the original members are missing? You’ll have to continue along to find out!

However, this wasn’t the only tale in this FUTURE STATE installment. Ram V also provides a story involving JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK that’s also pretty wild. Readers will get a familiar dose of characters with a few magically delicious twists. Nonetheless, Ram V similarly throws readers into the thick of it without a full story or background as to exactly what’s going on. Let’s just say someone is back and he wants all the enchantments he can get at the expense of everyone else. Readers are left unclear as to why and how it began. Plus, I’m not even certain this story is taking place at the same time or the same dimension as the first. However, the issue does end with a bit of hope and direction, which gave the issue even more charm.


There is so much in both of these stories that the cover price may well be worth it. Additionally, there is a ton to be excited about in this issue of FUTURE STATE: JUSTICE LEAGUE that’s exploding out of each page. Many new readers will meander into this issue wanting answers… and I get it. That said, new readers need to know that we are all technically in the same place. Everyone in all of these FUTURE STATE stories needs to be given a ton of grace. Old and new readers alike are in the same boat. We need to trust that the stories will unfold with answers along the way. And, this title especially, is in capable hands with two solid writers. I highly recommend giving this issue a look, especially if you are interested in FUTURE STATE. Readers get a ton of characters and dynamic plot threads that should quickly evolve into some big things down the road. Hit me up, let me know what you think, and God bless.


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