Flashpoint Beyond #2 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan

Art: Xermánico, Mikel Janín, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jordie Bellaire, Dexter Soy, Alex Sinclair, and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: June 7th, 2022

FLASHPOINT BEYOND continues as Thomas Wayne inspects the quandary of the Clockwork Killer. However, another mystery bursts onto the scene when a bizarre new occupant at Arkham insists that Bruce Wayne is the only real BATMAN. Let’s dive into FLASHPOINT BEYOND #2 as Thomas Wayne’s life is once again twisted asunder as a brand new version of an iconic BATMAN villain is reborn.

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As current DC COMIC “event” books go, FLASHPOINT BEYOND is the ticket right now. It has the mystery, the intrigue, and just enough carrots dropped to keep you hooked from one issue to the next. Just like DARK CRISIS, it seems Multiversal but not on such a broad scale. Sure, readers still aren’t given all the pieces BUT there is direction and purpose for our main characters unlike the DARK CRISIS event. Readers by now have deciphered that Thomas Wayne is stuck in the FLASHPOINT timeline/ Multiverse that at one time disappeared. However, now it’s back… and he’s back… and he’s trying to discover how and why.

The next aspect of FLASHPOINT BEYOND #2 that should take focus is the harsh detective story vibes oozing off the page. Not only does this BATMAN feel gritty and noir but the mystery is just as perplexing and memorable. The narrative is clever, well-written, and provides some unique twists which I hope stick around. For those unaware, Martha Wayne became the JOKER in this timeline. Well, hold on to your hats for another addition that adds a wildly creative wrinkle well worth the read that I hope gets revisited for years to come.

Now, do we find out exactly how and why the FLASHPOINT Universe/ Timeline is back? Nope. However, Geoff Johns and this crew take the time to drop some subtle hints that lead this reviewer to believe that Bruce is not only up to something BUT the man orchestrating it all. My current theory is that Bruce has somehow reconstructed the Timeline and frozen it within HyperTime… somehow with tachyons… comic book science at it’s finest. It all sounds good in theory, however, I’ve been wrong more times than not.


The gritty, detective noir is all thanks to this artistic team. They provide a dark and vivid look at this FLASHPOINT Universe/ Timeline that really focuses on the grief overwhelming the characters this week. Not only is Thomas Wayne struggling to figure out answers, but the scene in Arkham involving Dent’s wife is extremely graphic and detailed. The anger and resentment spewing from both the characters are truly intense. Heck, there is even this sadness that surrounds Thomas Wayne in almost every mannerism associated with the character. And thus, fans will immediately connect all emotion and feeling throughout FLASHPOINT BEYOND #2 to this extensive creative cast thanks to art team.


So, why is this DC COMIC “event” well “beyond” DARK CRISIS? Simply put: it sparks conversation and speculation. FLASHPOINT BEYOND #2 provides fans with just enough meat on the bone to keep us coming back for more. Plus, the narrative finds ways to put the reader in the driver’s seat alongside Thomas Wayne BATMAN as we both solve this detective story together. Each character involved has interesting motivations which pique curiosity within the reader.

From the re-introduction of Psycho-Pirate to Harvey’s kid, there are simply so many angles and perspectives that FLASHPOINT BEYOND could go with dozens of stories that could continue after this event if DC COMICS plays its cards right. Currently, DARK CRISIS is missing all of the above. Granted, I know many would say that we’ve only had one issue of DARK CRISIS, which is somewhat true. However, readers get no new information in the opening tale of an event that’s “years” in the making. However, after three issues in on FLASHPOINT BEYOND, fans are given a strong foundation, a significant obstacle, reasonable clues, and creative extras that reaffirm Johns’ writing chops masterfully. I already can’t wait until next month to see what we uncover. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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