Batman Beyond Neo-Year #3 Review

Writers: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing  

Art: Max Dunbar and Sebastian Cheng (colorist)  

Publisher: DC comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 7th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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In Batman Beyond Neo-Year #3, we see Terry go undercover and see more of Commissioner Barbara Gordon, who is celebrating her retirement.  One thing fans might find interesting is that Terry uses the last name of “Gibson” for his undercover alias, a possible reference to his friend, Maxine Gibson, from the show, that helped him on several cases. This raises the question: where is Max? Did she leave Neo-Gotham or did something worse happen? It is also interesting that the Lumos character apparently knows Barbara used to be Batgirl.

Since he says this to her in a crowded room, it can be assumed this is public knowledge. But when was this revealed? Hopefully, future issues will explore that. Fans of the show will probably remember the reference to the Batman Beyond episode “Shriek” during his narration. The “earthquake of 1999” that Terry mentions probably is placed in that year since that is the year the Batman Beyond cartoon premiered.

The thing that most stands out about Batman Beyond Neo-Year #3, is that Terry is really starting to behave like how Bruce would handle things in his prime, even resorting to the tactics of his predecessor, such as using a grappling hook instead rocket boots and wings. The way this comic merges the old with the new in terms of how Batman operates is fascinating.


The art is outstanding. It is full of vibrant colors that really make the images pop. It really captures the feel and the designs of the show. Terry’s mask is an obvious callback to Nightwing. The costumes at the party seem to be referencing old Batman villains such as Catwoman, Professor Pyg, and the Court of Owls, which was a nice touch. Comic fans may also recognize a special Easter Egg that the “mascot” for the Big Belly Burger restaurant is actually a caricature of its creator, John Byrne, who created it in a 1988 issue of the Adventures of Superman comic series. Movie buffs might also spot a Back to the Future reference with a car that looks very similar to a flying Delorean. The final page showing Batman fighting one of this series’ new villains really leaps off the page and sets the stage for the next issue, leaving readers wanting more.


Batman Beyond Neo-Year #3 really delivers in terms of action, mystery, and suspense. It shows Terry truly becoming his own man as the new Dark Knight and carrying on the legacy of Batman well. Hopefully, more will be explained in future issues though, such as the identities of the new villains, the disappearance of notable characters such as Dana, Max, and Terry’s family, and how Lumos (and potentially others) know of Barbara’s past as Batgirl.


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