Daredevil #3 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Art: Aaron Kuder, Jesus Aburtov, VC’s Clayton Cowles, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, and Marcio Menyz

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $4.99
Release Date: November 15th, 2023

Daredevil pounds pavement and breaks bones on a crusade against the upstart gang terrorizing Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil #3 by Saladin Ahmed. But that crusade will put Matt face-to-face with his deadliest enemy – and threaten the very souls of those closest to him.

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Ahmed continues to unfold his story in this week’s Daredevil #3 as Matt juggles being a Father, tailing Ben Urich, and taking down a new gang. It’s definitely the multiple moving pieces that piqued this reviewer’s interest this week. However, it wasn’t just the multiple aspects but how you can foresee that they’re all going to somehow work themselves together. For example, anyone who’s been reading comics long would know that something is up with Ben Urich. Heck, he’s not even acting the same in this book as he was in X-Men with the whole Captain Krakoa angle. So, the real question is what’s messing with Ben Urich? Is he possessed like Elektra was or is this new gang forcing him to push out fake stories? And once we see the cliffhanger to notice who else is involved, it becomes more clear as to why Father Matt may be targeted.

Nevertheless, the gang itself wasn’t the most interesting angle. I found the perspective from Javi quite compelling. Father Matt’s life can’t possibly jive with being Daredevil and the situations, meetings, and phone calls from Javi prove it. Yet, I love the monologuing through Daredevil #3 which paints a picture as to where the character is at right now and what he’s dealing with. Readers, Matt is pretty stinkin’ busy. Too busy to manage a halfway house and go out at night taking down gangs. Something is going to have to give at some point soon.

Additionally, I just wanted to add the sly little comments Ahmed fused into the issue. He took the time to explain how Matt can fight and listen to a phone call at the same time yet not loud enough for the bad guys to hear. Or he opened by explaining how Matt can smell specific items from way above the rooftops. The point is that new readers and old readers alike will love the eye for detail Ahmed brings to the comic.


The two-page spreads of Daredevil were amazing. The coloring was perfect and the definition wasn’t too over the top. Sure, Daredevil is defined but not muscle-bound. However, during a few of the gang fight scenes, Daredevil came across as a bit too superheroy. Watching DD fly through the sky was nice, especially with the movement and motion that this creative team developed. They were spectacular at showcasing action and made the comic come to life in that aspect. However, the sky-flying Daredevil and the gang fighting Daredevil seemed like they were drawn by two different people.


Daredevil #3 is busy with multiple moving parts that appear to be pulling at the same end goal, however, we just can’t see how it connects yet. Nevertheless, it’s this busyness coupled with some rather dynamic, action-packed moments that made this issue exciting. Additionally, Ahmed’s knack for detail, especially with the monologues from Matt, added this extra layer to the story that provided some well-needed depth to the character. Overall, this might have been the best issue of the run to date. It’s definitely taken some time for Ahmed to get his footing with this character and story. Is he there? Not quite but Daredevil #3 proves that he’s getting there. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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