Cable #9 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Phil Noto

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 24th, 2021

CABLE was out of clues while chasing down the Order of X. Nevertheless, he still managed to take down the cult but in doing so figured out that he’s been coerce by Stryfe behind the scenes the entire time. So, with nowhere else to turn, CABLE teamed up with DOMINO to get advantageous and find some answers only to discover a clone farm growing dozens of KID CABLES. Luckily, CABLE and DOMINO managed to kill them all before they arranged an escape. Still, the last issue ended with some post-apocalyptic CABLE searching for answers and falling to his doom. Was this the OLD CABLE? Will we eventually have a showdown between the old and new CABLE? Let’s dive into this week’s CABLE #9 by Gerry Duggan to see if he can point readers in the right direction as this series comes into its final stretch.

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As the tail end of the series kicks off, Duggan uses issue 9 as a turning point for the series. Picture CABLE #9 as the moment the protagonist expended all his options with his back against the wall. Now, he only has one option left. Well, Duggan wanted to make readers aware that there is truly only one option left… and that option includes the O.G. CABLE. Now, to all of those, including myself, who thought there would be a throwdown between the two CABLE’S, or even a Diner date with Esme, that’s not looking like it’s in the cards.

However, it does appear as though Duggan is trying to right the wrongs of EXTERMINATION and finally fix the ridiculousness of KID CABLE. Granted, during this process of restoring the factory reset on CABLE, Duggan has done a pretty good job making this younger version an acquired taste like Haggis or Vegemite. Yet, I’ll still be happy to see things back to normal.

Duggan also uses situational humor pretty well throughout this installment as CABLE rolls through his Rolodex of old friends for assistance. Can I just say; there is just something about Magik that great writers can utilize which makes a story pop even without action or violence. Yet, that leads me to the biggest drawback of the issue. There wasn’t much development. Ultimately, the issue could be summarized in one sentence if need be which makes it a hard sell for a fan to buy if money is tight.


Phil Noto continues to do what he does best, which is to provide crisp, bright, and detailed illustrations. His character’s faces are always so realistic even down to their expressions. Plus, the inks and colors burst off the page with their vibrant and rich tones. Noto excels with the foreground images, conversational art, and immediate eye-catching illustrations. However, the smaller panels make the tertiary areas lack definition and were oftentimes a bit too blurry for my taste. I’m sure he intended to draw focus to the important areas of conversation. However, I always find myself searching throughout the comic for the minor details that add that extra spice to the issue. Why? I’ve always viewed those minute details as a calling card or love letter from the creative team… and it just seemed to be missing this issue which is uncharacteristic of Noto.


CABLE #9 had shades of situational humor, character cameos, and subtle clues as to the future of these remaining few issues. However, nothing much happens and very little action transpires. Nevertheless, action isn’t entirely what makes an issue. Story development, character growth, conflict, suspense, and even controversy. That said, this issue didn’t usher in many of those avenues. It was merely used as a setup for what’s to come. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not down on the series or necessarily this issue. Yet, it just felt like it was lacking the substance that’s been a strong foundation of this CABLE to date. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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