Batman/ Superman #16 Review

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Art: Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Sabine Rich, and Saida Temofonte

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: March 23rd, 2021

In the aftermath of DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL, readers managed to capture a quick look at some amazing new worlds within the DC Landscape. Now, as this book dives into the parallel lives of SUPERMAN and BATMAN, readers will become introduced to alternate realities, new villains, unique heroes, and multi-dimensional wreckage that you will need to read for yourself! Witness the sinister debut of the Spider Lady, Dr. Atom, the Unknown Wizard, and so many more! You’ve never seen BATMAN and SUPERMAN quite like this before. So, let’s fly into BATMAN/ SUPERMAN #16 by Gene Luen Yang and Ivan Reis as we start this multiversal journey across this brand new terrain with two of your favorite heroes!

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The first aspect of the comic that will jump out at anyone after reading this opening installment of BATMAN/ SUPERMAN #16 is the layout of the issue. Yang uniquely designs a split-screen/ parallel story feel that runs simultaneously between two universes. PRO TIP: read the split screens separately. Do not try to follow both stories at the same time. Now, as confusing as all of this may sound, Yang also does a perfect job of clearly laying that premise out before the comic starts. There is no way you could miss it.

Nevertheless, it’s this unique display, in which this reviewer hasn’t seen anything like in years, that made this story distinctive and extraordinary. It’s so outstanding and imaginative that readers will say, “Hey, it’s like that one issue of BATMAN/ SUPERMAN by Gene Luen Yang.” So, put this into perspective. Before I even hit on the actual story, plot, or art, I’m telling you to go grab this comic. That alone should draw your attention to this issue.


Yang tells both stories with a classic feel. One tale involves a definitive SUPERMAN story from another reality. It’s pretty similar to our Metropolis Marvel but with small minor details that become more prevalent as the issue unfolds. Meanwhile, at the same time, readers also get a classic BATMAN story that gives off updated BATMAN 66’ vibes mixed with a bit more of a darker tone.

There are new characters and villains that we later find out are mainstays we’ve known and loved but with clever twists. For my favorite character in the issue – check out Alfred in the SUPERMAN story. The remarks he makes to Martha Wayne, as well as the surprise with him at the end, are fantastic. Eventually, these stories cross paths in such a way that’s quite poetic, well-designed, and executed flawlessly.


The entire issue showcases each story on an old movie reel film. Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, and Sabine Rich do an amazing job weaving this tale together making it feel like a double feature. Plus, to make this issue hit the mark, the amount of detail squeezed into each small frame was astonishing. Sure, each page was busy but it worked with the motion picture feel and made this reviewer crave the old theatre flip seats and a tub of buttery popcorn.

Readers, Reis took the time to add so much detail to the actual film that it legitimately looks like it’s burning as the issue concludes. And again, I’ve barely mentioned the actual illustrations of BATMAN and SUPERMAN let alone the story itself earlier. Yang may have “developed” the idea but it’s this art team that implements the atmosphere and feeling which makes this issue almost picture-perfect.


And this year’s Academy Award goes to (drum roll) Gene Luen Yang and Ivan Reis for BATMAN/ SUPERMAN #16. Wow! Just, wow! This issue was classic and nostalgic yet new and fresh at the same time. The layout and imagery were clever, imaginative, and took me back to a movie realm that may never exist again. The artistic creative team packed in so much detail while Yang developed an ingenious way to splice together a BATMAN/ SUPERMAN story that has the potential to be something special. If you’re a fan of cinema and classic DC COMICS, I think you’ll fall in love with this issue.

If you’re a fan of either mainstay character, you’ll adore this double feature at the Drive-In. I had to wait until after work to grab this one. However, you shouldn’t! Get it as soon as you can! I have a feeling it may sell out before you can get your hands on it. Pick it up ASAP, add this series to your pull list, and let me know what you think. Have a great week and God Bless!


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