Amazing Spider-Man #62

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Patrick Gleason

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Cover Artists: Patrick Gleason & Edgar Delgado

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

So, last time on the Amazing Spider-Man! Things are heating up in the criminal underworld as Kingpin finally starts to make his move with Kindred out of way. New York’s mayor has his sights on Boomerang and his little pet Gog, too. But Spidey’s got a new suit and a new head on his shoulders and races to action Amazing Spider-Man #62.

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Continuing from the last issue, Bullseye is about to snipe Gog, the new little alien pet that Peter and Boomerang adopted. And apparently, Nick Spencer expects that readers are supposed to find him cute and endearing even though we’ve spent little to no time with this new Spidey pet. We haven’t really seen Peter hang out with Gog, who Spencer mostly pushed to the background after he made an appearance. Heck, players spent more time with Spider-Cat in the PlayStation Miles Morales Spider-Man campaign.

There’s little to no investment on the Gog storyline other than showcasing more of Boomerang’s character development in this series, which is fine but it doesn’t feel wholly earned in this comic. On top of that, there’s a weird encounter between Robbie Robertson and J. Jonah Jameson. Now, I’m not too familiar with the comic portrayal of Robbie and J.J., so I can’t comment on whether it was handled accurately to the spirit of the characters or not. But it did feel like Spencer wanted to show how distant and broken their relationship is, especially since it’s the Bugle who’s falling behind with Robbie in management while J.J. is the one making the big bucks.

It just felt like a forced encounter with artificial drama shoved in for a desired outcome that feels awkward, at least to me. The bigger reveal is something that’s been spoiled by cover previews for upcoming issues, but it is clearly building up to the Mob War story arc. I’ll explain more in the Spoilers section.


So, the REAL big moment in this comic is that Robbie and Tombstone find out that their kids are dating. Now, for those who don’t know, Robbie and Tombstone have quite the hostile rivalry with each other in the comics, so this is a big deal for them. However, while Spencer is clearly going for a Romeo & Juliet kind of vibe with this, since previews suggest it’ll be at the heart of this Mob War story arc, it feels a little hollow. See, this arc has been building up Robbie and Randy a lot but showed very little of Tombstone or his daughter, the current Beetle.

They feel like background characters in this arc at the moment. And if anyone skipped the whole Sinister Syndicate story arc, then this will be their first encounter with the characters. So, if you’re a new reader or someone not familiar with these characters and their family rivalry, then this could feel less impactful than intended. Hopefully, Spencer fleshes both families out in the next issue as he goes on to further develop this story.


Amazing Spider-Man #62 has some hi-jinks, some weird encounters, and a lot of Gog. While Spencer is trying to build up his new story arc it feels like certain elements could’ve used more attention before their big moments in this series. Gleason’s art and Delgado’s colors are great to see, and here’s hoping the next comic’s story ups the stakes better.


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