Amazing Spider-Man #30 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Penciler: Ed McGuinness

Inker: Mark Farmer, Cliff Rathburn, & Ed McGuinness

Colorist: Marcio Menyz

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Cover Artists: Ed McGuinness & Marcio Menyz; Nick Bradshaw & Rachelle Rosenberg; Betsy Cola; Mike Vosburg & Rachelle Rosenberg; Skottie Young

Publisher: Marvel

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 26, 2023

Peter Parker teams with Doctor Octopus’ old mechanical arms to rescue Norman Osborn. But before he can reach his boss, Doc Ock injects Norman with goblin serum! Muscles constrict, and veins pulse as green serum courses through Norman’s bloodstream. Is this the end of the Gold Goblin? Let’s fwip into Amazing Spider-Man #30 and find out!

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Norman howls and beats his fists against a stone pillar. He shouts, “You don’t know what you’ve done, Otto!” But as he rages, laughter spills from his lips. Then, like Luke Skywalker tossing aside his lightsaber before Emperor Palpatine in Return Of The Jedi, Norman explains that neither Octavius nor his scientific concoction can control or influence him. He’s a hero because he chooses to be.

Spider-Man bursts into the secret lab in Amazing Spider-Man #30. How did Spidey find it? The limbs told him where it was! Old Otto says, “You can’t use my former limbs against me!” Then Peter reminds him that–back in the Superior Spider-Man days–his body was linked to the limbs. Thankfully each man’s consciousness has returned to its rightful owner’s body. Still, Peter shares a link with the limbs because Otto forged that link a decade ago. Can Peter resist the mechanical limbs’ influence and their hunger for vengeance?


Peter’s active life keeps him fit and trim. Doc’s old limbs look like they belong on him. They even appear to shoot webs as he flies between New York City skyscrapers. When he breaks down the door, Spidey’s new limbs carry him. They can’t wait to punch it out with ungrateful Otto and his new detachable attachments.

Golden Norman may have a full-time job running Oscorp, but his hard-chiseled muscles flex as he joins the fight. Even without his suit or gadgets, he can land a knockout punch. Yet his expression reveals the wisdom that comes with experience and reformation. Like Peter, he feels sad for Otto. For all his power, green-goggled Otto only sees his losses.

Bold, vibrant colors contrast with panel backgrounds in Amazing Spider-Man #30. Even though Electro’s not around, sparks fly, and electricity arcs through the air. Page layouts and background colors paint an attractive mix of beautifully crafted panels. Characters may gasp and whisper with tiny letters, but for the most part, the dialogue is easy to read and follow. Changes to balloon shape and size—and letter color—are expressive and provide intensity.

Amazing Spider-Man #30 is a master class in writing and art. Either my judgment’s abandoned me for the tunnels beneath Doc Ock’s lab, or Zeb Wells, Ed McGuinness, Mark Farmer, Cliff Rathburn, Marcio Menyz, and Joe Caramagna have crafted the perfect comic. Congrats, Spider-Lads!

Final Thoughts

As Amazing Spider-Man #30 pulses with a fast and furious fight, it examines the link between outlook and actions and reflects on what we leave behind.


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