Thor #18 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Pasqual Ferry, Bob Quinn, Matt Wilson, VC’s Joe Sabino, Tom Muller, and Olivier Coipel

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: October 20th, 2021

Price: $4.99

Lately, THOR’S transition to being King of Asgard hasn’t gone very well. And now, the hammer of Mjolnir has become too heavy to lift. Heck, other people seem to have an easier time wielding the weapon than its once worthy warrior. Nevertheless, THOR is under the assumption that Mjolnir’s defying nature has blossomed out of his transition from warrior to King. However, it appears as though THOR’S hit a bit of a snag. Mjolnir is missing! Let’s dive into THOR #18 by Donny Cates to see who the new King of Asgard decides to send on this unique tale of mystical espionage across the Marvel Universe!

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If I’m being honest, I’m incredibly partial to this story. As someone who’s raised his younglings on comics in order to hook them into this amazing medium, I’ve grown incredibly fond of the PET AVENGERS. They’re perfect stories cluttered with humorous quips and meaningful character displays that get your children’s feet wet without overwhelming them with inappropriate and heavy content. However, they connect so well to everyone’s favorite heroes. Heck, the PET AVENGERS even took on THANOS! My point: not only should everyone check out the PET AVENGERS but it looks like that’s the avenue Donny Cates is looking at reviving which is absolutely stellar for this reviewer.

Yet, if I could continue to be honest and separate myself from my genuine excitement for the semi-revival of the PET AVENGERS, there really isn’t anything else that happens throughout THOR #18. Basically, THOR needs Throg to create a team to track down Mjolnir that can work in private. Alas, Cates uses this story as a creative way to get the PET AVENGERS back in the saddle again. However, could any team realistically fit the build?

Yes. It’s even established in this issue by Loki that THOR could snag BETA RAY BILL, Sif, or even Jane Foster to hunt for Mjolnir. My point: it’s obviously forced, which again I’m fine with. Yet, I can see why many fans could be a bit disappointed. Furthermore, THOR #18 lacks the energy, strength, and action that normally encapsulates Cates’ THOR series. Nevertheless, what it lacks for in power it makes up for in character, style, and humor.


This story is right up Pasqual Ferry and Bob Quinn’s wheelhouse. The tone of a PET AVENGERS comic has always been sharp and full of superhero vitality yet with that almost childlike rendering that makes it more palatable for a younger audience. Moreover, it’s not just Throg that appears more cartoony in nature. It’s also THOR himself along with his mannerisms and facial expressions that provide a more lighthearted take throughout this issue of THOR. It’s this creative team that really makes this issue a true delight.


Have you ever wanted an adult comic that you could also simultaneously enjoy with your kids? If so, I think Cates may be onto something here. The best part is that THOR #18 is sandwiched right smack dab in the middle of a powerfully heated THOR run. It’s almost as if Cates is taking a step back for a fun intermission in which you can grab your kids and have them read along. Sure, this issue of THOR has very little movement or action. However, it’s fun, lighthearted, and provides a different realm of opportunity for both Cates and fans alike. As someone who’s a huge PET AVENGERS fan, I sincerely hope everyone gives this run a fair shake. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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