The Ward #1 Review

Writer: Cavan Scott

Artist: Andres Ponce

Letterer: Mauro Mantella

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 8, 2022

Reviewer: Lukke Sweet

Where do the denizens of the supernatural go when they have a medical emergency?  The Ward #1 by Cavan Scott and Andres Ponce gives us the answer, they head to St. Lilith’s.  The bulk of the story takes place in the Emergency Department as Natalie returns to her ex-employer to help a friend in need and maybe solve another case while she’s at it.

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The Story

The Ward #1 tells a spectacular story.  Scott provides a fresh approach to urban fantasy by creating a mash-up with medical drama. This issue introduces a memorable cast of characters centered around a dynamic environment and manages to wrap up two initial cases that set the stage for the coming issues.  

It’s a lot to take in, but Scott manages this well through the character of Wilfred and lets readers learn about the supernatural alongside him.

Scott shows an understanding of medical dramas and urban fantasy as The Ward delivers on all fronts.   It tells a contained story that wraps up nicely by the end of the issue while laying the groundwork for the story to come.  The biggest problem is that it’s only a four-issue mini-series.

The Art

Andres Ponce delivers art that is perfectly paired with the story.  Drawn in a modern style, each panel delivers a detailed look at the world of St. Lilith’s.  Ponce conveys a sense of urgency that captures the essence of a busy Emergency Department and shows grace when illustrating the pain and injuries of the patients.  Ponce also navigates these injuries tactfully, expressing their violence of them without overdoing it with gore.

Final Thoughts

The Ward #1 is brilliant.  Cavan Scott and Andres Ponce have built something special out of their Supernatural Medical Drama.  An engaging story and excellent art provide an outstanding issue that is well worth picking up at your local comic shop.



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