Thor #26 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Martin Coccolo

Color Artist: Matt Wilson

Letterer: Joe Sabino

Cover Artist: Gary Frank

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

It’s part four of the big fight between the smashtronaut Hulk and the new All-Father Thor! However, as the chaos of the fight ensued, Thor was hit by a massive release of gamma radiation. Now, Thor has become an incredible gamma mutate, leaving all but the Hulk trembling at what damage he will cause in Thor #26.


So, it’s part four of the Banner of War crossover event, and things are reaching peak chaos as Thor has been turned into a gamma mutate. Naturally, this comic follows the expected destruction and chaos that would follow such an idea brought to life as Thor rages out smashing things like the Hulk. Speaking of which, Hulk, Banner, and Odin are pretty much the main characters here while Thor is the star and the antagonist in this issue.

As expected, Thor is raging and smashing like an Asgardian Hulk, meanwhile Bruce Banner and Odin are trying to figure out a way to stop Thor and turn him back to normal. The rest of the comic is pure, high-octane action showing the resulting chaos from everyone else trying to stop Thor. We see Iron Man take his shot at Thor, Sif as the current guardian of the Bifrost does her best. Of course, things go awry but hope is not lost as shown in the final pages.

Donny Cates delivers some solid writing and fine pacing that matches the visual momentum of the art by Martin Coccolo. Cates continues to provide characters with dialogue that matches the gravity of dealing with a Hulked-out Thor smashing everything in sight. There’s a lot of destruction beautifully illustrated by Coccolo and especially with the shots featuring Hulked-out Thor getting all of his angry sides. Not to mention that Cates provides some twists and big moments, some that feel superficial while others are far more significant and cool all around.

Since this is the fourth part of the crossover, this issue sets everything up for the big finale. None of which will be spoiled in this review, because it’s cool factor that’s actually worth seeing for yourself. This crossover has proven to be Donny Cates unleashed with his full comic book imagination allowed to run wild and fast as he tells an action-packed story of a big fight between the Hulk and Thor.

Final Thoughts:

Thor #26 delivers the penultimate issue of the Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War crossover event. Readers get to see just what a Hulked-out Thor can do against the genuine article but the story doesn’t stop moving as Donny Cates delivers some big action-packed moments illustrated by Martin Coccolo. Fans will enjoy the final moments in this comic as the event reaches its final issue.


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