Castle Full of Blackbirds #2 Review

Castle Full of Blackbirds #2 Review – Castle Full of Blackbirds #2, firmly set within the vast Hellboy Universe, continues the story of Sara May Blackburn, a girl with psychic powers who has come to the Linton School for Girls to find the mysterious Miss Brook, who she met in the two-part mini-series B.P.R.D.: The Return of Effie Kolb. Sara hoped Miss Brook would give her more of an understanding of her powers, but instead, Miss Brook has run her through a gamut of tests. Is Miss Brook simply helping Sara rise to the next level or does she have a more sinister purpose behind Sara’s training? Continue reading Castle Full of Blackbirds #2 Review

Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #2 Review

Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #2 Review – Luke and Leia go on a scouting mission to a remote planet in Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #2. There, they run into a battalion of Imperial troopers and go on the run, trying to evade them and escape to bring precious intel back to the Rebel fleet. This tale is set between Episode IV (Star Wars) and Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back). Continue reading Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #2 Review

Maskerade #1 Review

Maskerade #1 Review – Kevin Smith (legendary director of ‘Clerks’, ‘Dogma’, ‘Chasing Amy’, etc.) has started the Secret Stash Press imprint, a new line of comics published by Dark Horse Comics. Secret Stash Press will feature books with characters from his various films, as well as books starring new characters. Kicking off the Secret Stash Press line of books is Maskerade #1, the first of an 8-issue mini-series featuring a new female hero more brutal than the Punisher, who uses every weapon at her disposal to cause as much bloodshed as possible on her targets. It all takes place in The Trench, a run-down disaster of a city that makes Gotham City look positively crime-free and squeaky clean by comparison. Continue reading Maskerade #1 Review

Pearl #4 Review

Pearl #4 Review – As Pearl starts to put the pieces together, she realizes that her family was not as advertised. The real question is will she be able to confront this before Tokyo’s most dangerous assassin comes to clean up the mess they think she’s made. You are ill-prepared for the beautiful artwork that Michael Gaydos has brought to this yakuza epic about art, family, and the weird stuff in-between. Continue reading Pearl #4 Review

Minor Threats #1 Review

Minor Threats #1 Review – It’s hard out there for a supervillain. Not the world conquerors, chaos engines, or arch-nemeses . . . but the little guys. The ones who put on uniforms, knock over jewelry stores, and get tied to poles. And things are about to get worse. The psychotic Stickman has murdered Kid Dusk, sidekick to Twilight Citys premier crime-fighter, the Insomniac. The Insomniac’s teammates are tearing Twilight apart, turning it into a police state–desperate to capture Stickman and stop the Insomniac from crossing that final line which he may never come back from. Continue reading Minor Threats #1 Review

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1 Review

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1 Review – Dark Horse now has the license to publish all-ages Star Wars comics, and they kick off this new era with Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1, an anthology comic with each issue set in different Star Wars time periods and with a rotating set of creators. This issue is set firmly in the Clone Wars era, as Padme Amidala and Wookie Senator Yarua are ambushed by Separatists while on a diplomatic mission. And who comes to their rescue? Here comes Obi-Wan and Anakin! Continue reading Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #1 Review

Daisy #1 Review

Daisy #1 Review – Daisy Phillips, like many teenagers, has a hard time fitting in, but not for the usual reasons. Daisy stands eight-and-a-half feet tall and is still growing, but her troubles with ill health, daily ridicule, and custom-made clothing are only the tip of the iceberg. Daisy may well be descended from a race of cannibalistic giants spawned from the outcasts of Heaven! Check out the Daisy #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Daisy #1 Review

Batman/ Grendel: Devil’s Riddle #1 Review

Batman/ Grendel: Devil’s Riddle #1 Review: While Bruce Wayne and Hunter Rose play power games in Gotham’s high society, Batman finds himself up against a new and vicious foe of uncanny intellect and evil intent, one more than capable of testing the Dark Knight’s formidable skills to their limits. Check out the Batman/ Grendel: Devil’s Riddle #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Batman/ Grendel: Devil’s Riddle #1 Review

Children of the Plague #1 Review

Children of the Plague #1 Review: A plague from space changes the world as they know it! These ”Children of the Plague” were infected with a disease from outer space, now have super powers, and have been rounded up and tested on by the evil Valmount, a rich industry leader in the future. Check out the Children of the Plague #1 Review HERE! Continue reading Children of the Plague #1 Review