The Walking Dead Deluxe #68 Review

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artists: Dave McCaig & Charlie Adlard

Letterer: Rus Wooten

Cover Artists: Dave McCaig & David Finch

Publisher: Image

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 2, 2023

Rick and Abraham notice a stranger spying on the caravan. His name is Aaron. He says he’s from a fortified community that needs workers. Should they accept his invitation? Let’s stumble into The Walking Dead Deluxe #68 and find out!

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Whether or not Rick and Abraham can trust Aaron, the decision isn’t up to them. The travelers are tired and hungry and yearn for the security their community offers. How long can they survive roaming the countryside in their vehicles? There’s a battle that’ll please fans of zombie stories. But the heart of The Walking Dead Deluxe #68 involves how people react to strangers and how the entrance of a newcomer can change a group’s dynamics. It’s interesting to see how people make decisions regarding their future. As a Walking Dead newbie, I bonded with the characters and got what the group was going through. I enjoyed the mix of action and drama. It’s relatable, involving, and doesn’t need excessive gore or profanity to hook readers.


The characters are realistic and sympathetic in The Walking Dead Deluxe #68. Facial expression and stance differentiate the living from the zombies. The panels have a pleasing, hand-drawn appearance. Heavy inking doesn’t obscure details. The art conveys motion well. Night scenes show subdued colors: mostly blues, greens, and mauve. Zombies bleed green or brown. Daylight reveals lighter shades of the same. Despite being on the simpler side, I found the overall result pleasing.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #68 gives you a fair amount to read, and it all comes your way in white dialogue balloons. Black, uppercase letters are large, and the uniform size never shrinks. Inflection makes words bold. Shock momentarily increases text size and changes its color. Sound effects are vibrant and expressive. Curious? Read the first issue of The Walking Dead on the Image website. It’s free!

Final Thoughts

The Walking Dead Deluxe #68 is an attractive and appealing comic that’s easy to follow and leaves you wanting more.


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