The Savage Strength of StarStorm #3 Review

Story & Art: Drew Craig

Colors & Letters: Jason Finestone

Cover Art: Drew Craig

Publisher: Image

Reviewed by: Samriddh Chaudhary


Grant is on the universe’s watchlist. Everybody who is anybody wants to remove the Sharsrum weapon from his body. This time, the Bounty Hunters of The Tiger Claw Clan are ready to go to any lengths imaginable to get that weapon. The Savage Strength of StarStorm #3 focuses on the battle between Grant and The Tiger Clan.

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The Dispatch:

The Savage Strength of StarStorm #3 introduces the Tiger Claw Clan who have been hired by Princess Z’Shan Draigo to acquire the weapon that is attached to Grant Garrison. Most of the issue portrays the battle between Grant and The Clan and by the end of the issue, the story progresses significantly. The plot of this comic had been mapped out extensively before even the first issue and the worldbuilding heavily benefits from this.

I appreciate Drew Craig’s passion for this entire story as it is evident while reading it. But, the dialogue being subpar is something that affects the reading experience negatively. Most of the dialogue in the book comes off as awkward and unnatural. None of the characters are given much characterization and the writer seems to focus too much on progressing the plot further and which makes the book bland and uninteresting. Planning too much of the plot ahead seems to be a problem with the book because the story lacks character progression and it seems like the writer just wants to jump from one plot point to the other.

The Art:

The art is a mixed bag. The Art looks great on a few panels but on other panels, it seems like a parody of the great panels. Most panels that show creatures from different worlds or a big fight look great but panels that just feature human characters having conversations with each other look like they were drawn in a hurry. Considering that this is Drew Craig’s first time working in the industry there is definitely plenty of room to grow.

Final Thoughts:

The Savage Strength of StarStorm #3 presents an ambitious premise that sets the stage for an action-packed battle between Grant Garrison and The Tiger Claw Clan. The comic’s well-planned plot and extensive worldbuilding lay a solid foundation, reflecting Drew Craig’s evident passion for the story. But the below average dialogue and one-dimensional characters hinder the reading experience. The art, while showing glimpses of potential, is inconsistent and is unsuccessful in fully capturing the essence of the story. As Drew Craig’s debut work in the industry, there is room for growth and I believe he does have the potential to grow into a much more competent writer and artist.

6.7/ 10

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