Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6 Review

Writer: Suzanne Cafiero
Art: Jeff Zornow
Colors: Antonio Fabela
Letters: DC Hopkins
Publisher:  Dynamite Entertainment
Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 21st, 2023

Sweetie and her crew are opening her candy store (called Sweetie Candy Vigilante) in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6, and business is booming!  But in the midst of her triumphant night, Detectives Jacks and Reyes show up, investigating the murder of the previous owner of the establishment, and they’re not prepared for what Sweetie’s going to give them.   And what’s Sweetie going to do when mob boss Bart Volgare strikes?

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The Story

Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6 has the feel of a sequel.   Like “Superman 2” and “The Empire Strikes Back”, all the characters have been set up and everyone is in place as the issue begins with the opening of Sweetie’s store Sweetie Candy Vigilante, where she sells (or in some cases gives away) her magical sweet treats.  She says that she’s wanting to “make New York City sweet”, but there’s always a feeling that there are darker motives to what she’s doing. And that’s what makes Sweetie such a great character, you can never figure her out.  She says just enough to partially answer some questions, but then open up dozens more.

This is especially true when ace Detectives Jacks and Reyes show up.  Both of them are “Dragnet” style officers, 100% focused on their work, with no room for hijinx.   They’re investigating the murder of bar owner Jahn Skurvitcik, the previous owner of the building Sweetie now owns, murdered by the Hansel and Gretel, two brilliantly psychopathic members of Sweetie’s gang, and they’ve traced the clues back to Sweetie.

I enjoyed Sweetie’s confrontation with the Detectives, especially Officer Brady, the simple-minded officer who assists them on cases.  He’s reminiscent of Deputy Andy from “Twin Peaks”, a gentle man who’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but has a good heart.  He’s so hilariously distracted by Sweetie’s candy, he’s rendered useless during the questioning, much to Jacks and Reyes frustration.
I also enjoyed the exchanges between Pixie Stix and Candy Wolf, who seem to be having a budding romance.  They’re two great characters, especially Candy Wolf, who has more style and swagger than any other werewolf character in the history of literature.  Watch out Larry Talbot!

My main problem with the issue is that not much really happens in it.  It feels like it was padded out.  Each issue leading up to this moved at lightning speed, with a lot of things happening in each issue.  I suppose it’s good to have an issue or two like this, where we get one setting and some time with the characters just hanging out. I love the endless inventiveness of the book and all the details of this world.  Hopefully we’ll get to see all of the characters in action again soon.  Judging by the cliffhanger ending, I think that’s pretty much a certainty.

The Art

Jeff Zornow and Antonio Fabela’s art on Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6 is as gorgeous and eye-popping as ever.  Every panel bursts with color, and the character designs are off the charts good. I especially love Sweetie’s design and the art reinforces her dark, mysterious but fun-loving personality.

Final Thoughts

Though I felt not much of significance happens in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6, we do get an entertaining battle of wits between Sweetie and Detectives Jacks and Reyes, as well as some nice moments between Pixie Stix and Candy Wolf.  The book is always a fun read and I look forward to seeing what happens after this issue’s great cliffhanger ending.


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