Disney Villains: Hades #2 Review

Disney Villains: Hades #2 Review – The infamous Labyrinth – a creepy, scary place where the gigantic Minotaur of Crete is imprisoned. Why are Hades, Arachne, Orpheus, and Icarus sneaking into such a forbidding place? To try and convince the Minotaur to join their group, of course! The furious Minotaur is (unsurprisingly) furious, and the only thing that can quell said fury is… wait a minute, this can’t be right… a cookie!?! Continue reading Disney Villains: Hades #2 Review

Bettie Page: The Alien Agenda TP Review

Bettie Page: The Alien Agenda TP Review – Poor Bettie Page has barely finished up her latest adventure and gotten back to modeling when duty calls once more! Seems there’s something funny going on in a place called Roswell, and it’s up to Bettie to investigate! There’s a catch this time, though-the United States military might be putting Bettie on the case, but they can’t avow the existence of said case-or Bettie! Instead, our marvelous model is given a crack team of assistants to help her go where no woman has gone before! Fresh off scribing Bettie Page and the Bigfoot Bandits, this spaceship is steered with a purpose by fan-favorite Ani-Mia and illustrated with only the finest stardust by Celor (Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!, Kiss: The Phantom Obsession)! Continue reading Bettie Page: The Alien Agenda TP Review

Sheena Queen of the Jungle: Fatal Exams #1 Review

Sheena Queen of the Jungle: Fatal Exams #1 Review – Which contest will be tougher for our feral champion of the wilderness to face – the savage, claws-out battle for domination of her jungle home, or the savage, claws-out battle for domination of… the world’s most exclusive girl’s boarding school? Yup, Cardwell Inc. is betting that some formal education will teach their long-lost, “raised by wolves” scion the niceties of civilization – while also conveniently removing her from her beloved Val Verde rainforest while they continue to relentlessly exploit it!

But while you can take the girl out of the jungle, you can’t take the jungle out of the girl – and when Sheena discovers the school’s centennial celebration is the target of a deadly plot, classes won’t be the only things the Queen of the Blackboard Jungle will have to cut!

Featuring an expertly crafted syllabus from instructors WES CLARK JR., STEVEN E. DE SOUZA, and EDIANO SILVA, this exciting new course is sure to bring learning to life! Continue reading Sheena Queen of the Jungle: Fatal Exams #1 Review

Darkwing Duck #8 Review

Darkwing Duck #8 Review – The Justice Ducks are on a quest WAY up north! But since Launchpad’s compass is stolen, they don’t know where they’re going. And an Abominable Snow Duck attacks the crew and separates them. And Darkwing refuses to let anyone help because he is the best superhero in the world. Other than that, everything’s going totally great… Continue reading Darkwing Duck #8 Review

Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2 Review

Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2 Review – Kenneth and Mentor’s human and Gargoyle alliance – with some magical help from the ARCHMAGE – battle King Culen’s army. Mentor orders Goliath’s generation to stay back, as they aren’t yet seasoned warriors. But Angel and Hyppolyta disobey Mentor’s order and join the fighting, at great cost… Continue reading Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2 Review

Disney Villains: Scar #4 Review

Disney Villains: Scar #4 Review – Final Issue! Scar has made his way into the good graces of the awful Hyena Queen. The Queen sees Scar as a scavenger, who will help her followers find food, and thrive beyond their means. But while the Queen is correct, that Scar will scavenge, she will discover that he is capable of much, much more…by CHUCK BROWN (Bitter Root) and TREVOR FRALEY. Continue reading Disney Villains: Scar #4 Review

Darkwing Duck #7 Review

Darkwing Duck #7 Review – Behold…THE JUSTICE DUCKS! An elite team of superheroes that battle crime in perfect…just kidding. They’re actually a group of ducks (and a fish) that kinda/sorta work together sometimes, but Darkwing’s got that whole “I work better alone!” vibe thing going on, so this issue answers the question…CAN Darkwing Duck bury his ego and work with a super-team!? (Spoiler: Probably not?) Continue reading Darkwing Duck #7 Review

Red Sonja #1 Review

Red Sonja #1 Review – Red Sonja is on the run in Red Sonja #1, after being framed for the murder of Lady Alaberta (in Red Sonja #0, released on Free Comic Book Day), and Lord Dragos wants her head! As she races across the countryside, evading Dragos’s men and battling them, trying to make it to a friend who can help clear her name. Meanwhile, another threat rises as Thord Varg ascends to king of Vestfold, a kingdom that’s dying, its populace starving and the kingdom on the precipice of losing a war. Varg, refusing to let Vestfold die, makes sacrifices to dark gods, summoning them and hoping their ancient black magic will save his kingdom. But the gods are hungry and want more. Continue reading Red Sonja #1 Review

King Kong: The Great War #2 Review

King Kong: The Great War #2 Review – King Kong: The Great War #2 continues the story of the shipwrecked survivors of the UB-184 submarine fighting for survival on Skull Island, where they have to battle the elements as well as the monolithic monsters of the island, hoping to stay alive until rescue ships arrive. It’s another great issue of the series that captures the spirit of the original King Kong film. Continue reading King Kong: The Great War #2 Review

Gargoyles #7 Review

Gargoyles #7 Review – Demona is back!! Launching a new and exciting storyline, Gargoyles #7 is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. Goliath is in prison! Dino Dracon is on the rampage! And Demona returns to Manhattan, determined to gather the three new keys to power! Do Brooklyn and the Clan have a prayer of stopping her without Goliath?! Um…probably not. Continue reading Gargoyles #7 Review

Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6 Review

Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6 Review – Sweetie and her crew are opening her candy store (called Sweetie Candy Vigilante) in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6, and business is booming! But in the midst of her triumphant night, Detectives Jacks and Reyes show up, investigating the murder of the previous owner of the establishment, and they’re not prepared for what Sweetie’s going to give them. And what’s Sweetie going to do when mob boss Bart Volgare strikes? Continue reading Sweetie Candy Vigilante #6 Review

Disney Villains: Maleficent #2 Review

Disney Villains: Maleficent #2 Review – Chapter Two: “The Well-Meaning Prince.” A brave lad approaches the Forbidden Mountain, eager to find his lost brother, who is said to have wandered where he shouldn’t have. The prince will be espied by a foreboding crow, stalked by an ominous serpent, and shown the true, awful personification of evil…Maleficent. Continue reading Disney Villains: Maleficent #2 Review

Darkwing Duck #5 Review

Darkwing Duck #5 Review -Darkwing Duck has returned to saving St. Canard, but in just the brief time that he was attempting to be a boring civilian, F.O.W.L., led by Dr. NoGood, has decided to make the entire city their new headquarters of villainy! Darkwing is determined to clean up this mess-and Goslyn is ready to help him. But as a good parent, Darkwing sends her to school where she will be safe…or so he thinks! Continue reading Darkwing Duck #5 Review

Vampirella Versus The Superpowers #1 Review

Vampirella Versus The Superpowers #1 Review – Vampirella Versus The Superpowers #1 continues the story from the Vampirella Vs. Red Sonja miniseries, with Vampirella and Red Sonja becoming members of The Project, a group of superheroes from the multiple Earths of the Dynamite multiverse. Vampirella and Dyna Might (who’s the Dynamite universe equivalent of Mary Marvel) are now living on Projection 1948 (AKA Earth-1948), which is an Earth that’s currently locked in the year 1948, working undercover to find out who the identity of Mr. Fix and take him out. Mr. Fix is a crime lord making millions off of Elixir, a drug peddled on the streets that is highly addictive and gives some people super powers, turning them into raging monsters. Continue reading Vampirella Versus The Superpowers #1 Review

Darkwing Duck #4 Review

Darkwing Duck #4 Review – Bushroot has taken over the community garden! Newly retired from the crimefighting game, Drake Mallard refuses to become Darkwing Duck again, insisting that he can take out Bushroot as a civilian! But when Bushroot turns the garden into an immense, evil vegetable maze, can Drake stand idly by and not unleash the Terror Within Him That Flaps In The Night? Continue reading Darkwing Duck #4 Review

Dejah Thoris #2 Review

Dejah Thoris #2 Review – Last issue, the Kaldane, a race of spider-like beings, laid siege to Helium’s Royal Palace, causing Dejah Thoris and her bodyguard Rroo to flee into the wilds of the planet Barsoom. Now, in Dejah Thoris #2, the Kaldane scientists work on creating new Rykor soldiers (headless red Martians and white apes “piloted” by Kaldane soldiers controlling their spinal cords) to cement their control of Dejah’s kingdom. Meanwhile, Dejah and Rroo come into a new conflict in the forests of Barsoom, a conflict with each other. Continue reading Dejah Thoris #2 Review