Silver Surfer: Rebirth #4 Review


Writer: Ron Marz  

Art: Ron Lim, Don Ho, and Israel Silva.

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 27th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson


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In Silver Surfer: Rebirth #4, it’s the Silver Surfer versus himself…and himself…and himself…and himself! Four different versions of the Surfer from alternate timelines converge thanks to the stolen reality stone. The banter between Thanos and the Surfer as they work together is amusing at times, such as Thanos’ line about why he doesn’t have friends. Fans will see the Surfer kind of break the fourth wall, as he states (regarding his doppelgangers): “As if each was made by a different hand.” As for the story itself, it is clearer as to who the villain is, but it feels somewhat rushed. This is only a 5 issue series, but it seems like it could be longer and could be expanded upon more. What we’re shown isn’t necessarily bad, but there seems to be more that could be explored. Jack of Hearts doesn’t seem to have as big of a role as the cover would lead the reader to believe.


The highlight of Silver Surfer: Rebirth #4 is the art. One of the multiple Surfers is specifically colored a graded shade of gray, probably as a homage to his first appearance. The close-up shots of each of them indicate variation in each of their designs. Ron Lim deserves extra credit for seemingly copying the art styles of various artists for each of the different Surfers, which are most likely homages to Jack Kirby, Mike Allred, and others. This issue went hard with the colors, especially during the fight sequences, such as the battle between the Surfers, and the fight between Jack of Hearts vs. Thanos and the Silver Surfer.


In terms of art, Silver Surfer: Rebirth #4 is stellar, but in terms of story, there is room for improvement. There is more that could be done with this series and hopefully, the final issue will wrap it up well. If anything, it shows that Thanos and the Silver Surfer make good allies when they need to be. They should explain more of the villains’ motivations beyond just that he wants to conquer the universe, such as how long Jack of Hearts was in his thrall and how he was able to acquire the stone. I wonder what will happen and who will ultimately end up getting the reality gem? Will Thanos and the Surfer part ways after this, or could this be the beginning of an unlikely friendship?


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