Punisher #6 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Jesús Saiz, Paul Azaceta, Dave Stewart, and VC’s Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: September 14th, 2022

Frank Castle wishes for an end to this war so he can finally rest and be with his family. However, stationed in his path is none other than Ares who views the Punisher as his grandest acolyte of all. But, I thought he was the “Fist of the Hand”? So, which one is it?! Let’s dive into the Punisher #6 by Jason Aaron as readers embark on a story that showcases a disciple who has ignored his true calling and needs to be reminded of the proper path of war.

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The narrator finally comes into focus as Punisher #6 comes to a close. This narrator has a unique history with Frank and ironically knows some of his deepest and darkest secrets. If you “dare”, the inner workings of the Punisher. And, it’s those inner workings that become the backdrop for this issue as a heavyweight fight breaks loose between Ares and the Punisher.

Almost the entire story in this week’s Punisher #6 is a knockdown, drawn-out, barn burn, which should lend most of the story credit this week to Jesús Saiz, Paul Azaceta, and their art team. From Banner Cannon’s to Magnetic Thermite Mines, Saiz and Azaceta focus on one powerhouse explosion after another. And the action is persistent making for an extremely fun, quick read. Punisher fans will most creatively be pleased with the nonstop, relentless nature that’s built into the character they’ve grown to love. For Pete’s peppers, it’s in his nature and this art team doesn’t forget it.


Additionally, I loved the narrator’s story overlaying the fight scene. This is where Jason Aaron stepped it up. After this week’s Punisher #6, fans will truly see how messed up Frank is. It’s almost as if Aaron wants everyone to see how psychotic Frank Castle is. The flashbacks we witnessed show an emotionless, withdrawn, uncaring, and almost mentally abusive Frank Castle towards Maria. He has no feelings toward his kids or his wife. So, why does he care so much for them now? And what made that connection? There murder? Really?


Is that the REAL story? Keep in mind, that it’s his family’s murder that originally sets the Punisher in motion. It’s his family’s resurrection that set the stage for the “why” in our current story. Yet all we witness is a man disconnected, mentally disturbed, and caring very little for his “family”. So, when did that all change? When did Frank decide to throw everything away for his family and why? What was that trigger? And, is that the true focus from Aaron? Is that the story within the story? Because right now, I personally see a disconnect between the character fans have grown to love and know and this backstory of Frank’s history. Don’t get me wrong, I love this twisted history lesson. I think it builds on the character by adding some ruthlessly freakish layers to his personality. However, the story needs a bridge to connect the two halves and maybe it’s the narrator revealed as Punisher #6 comes to a close that will do it for us.


How does this new background information match up with the landscape that has been the Punisher’s M.O. since his creation? A man out for justice and revenge. Hellbent on killing evil by any means necessary. This would hold true to form… until Punisher #6. It looks like he barely cared for his wife and kids. That’s the takeaway I got at least on the surface. Was that Aaron’s intent? Because it doesn’t fit even within the context of this story. The sole reason Frank has become this “Fist of the Hand” is to bring back his family. So, why would he want them back so bad if he never really cared for them before?

Frank is troubled. We all know that. Anyone seeking vengeance through murder has a couple of screws loose. Sure, we all cheer when the bad guy gets a bullet from Frank. However, that’s because we know we’d never do it. It’s what makes us different from Frank. Let’s be real, it’s what makes us sane. The Punisher isn’t sane. However, there are reasons for insanity. Research indicates that a mixture of facets, including genetics, biology, psychological trauma, and environmental stress could all cause mental illness. And so far, Aaron has shown this in his Punisher run to date. Heck, Frank hits more than a couple of these.

My point is: that I’m seeing a disconnect in Aaron’s story that needs to be cleared up. Sure, we get action and high-powered sequences from this creative team that will keep your interest. Nevertheless, the guts of this story were left open and haven’t been closed up properly. Hopefully, there is more to it coming in the next Punisher installment. For now, I leave with too many questions that just aren’t sitting right. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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