Metal Society #2 Review

Writer: Zack Kaplan

Artist: Guilherme Balbi

Colorist: Marco Lesko

Letterer: Troy Peteri

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 8, 2022

Reviewer: Lukke Sweet

Starting out a week before the opening of the first issue, Metal Society #2 gives us the other side of the story presented in issue 1. While that issue focused on the human champion, Rosa Genthree, this issue sheds some light on the motivations behind WOL-421313 and the dynamics present in robot society.  

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The Story

Metal Society #2 by Zack Kaplan and Guilherme Balbi shows readers its namesake as it fleshes out the robot half of the story. Kaplan masterfully constructs a world in which a physical fight between a robot and a human would take place.  Within this setting, the characters shine, with each robot being given a distinct characterization rather than the stereotypical cookie-cutter robots that stress uniformity.  

While the first issue focused on Rosa Genthree and her fight to gain more freedoms for humanity, this issue focuses on WOL-421313.  A humble construction worker, WOL-421313 is forced out of his work, his home, and more because of the new freedoms awarded to humanity.  With understandable anger and no easy solution, precedent demands that this conflict be addressed in the ring.  Kaplan shows his ability to create incredibly complex characters that are understandable and easily empathized with through the champions as they prepare to fight.  

The Art

Balbi is once again joined by colorist Marko Lesko and the results speak for themselves.  Balbi leans into the grittiness that he showed in the first issue, but rather than using the art to emphasize the divide between humanity and robots, readers are shown a similarity as they’re introduced to the blue-collar working class of robots.  Lesko’s colors are paired well with this and work hard to illustrate the depth of the robots’ characterizations and society and set the stage to invite readers into this side of the conflict.

Final Thoughts

Metal Society #2 by Kaplan and Balbi continues their stellar worldbuilding as readers get a look at the robot society and its social dynamics.  Rather than sticking to the stereotypical science fiction plots usually present in Human vs Robot storylines, Kaplan turns them on their heads with a refreshing take.  The art team of Balbi and Lesko once again delivered art that perfectly matched the tone of each panel.  Overall, this is exactly what a second issue should look like and is definitely worth picking up.


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