Knight Terrors: Batman #2 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Guillem Marsh, Tomeu Morey, David LaFuente, Rex Lokus, and Troy Peteri

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: August 1st, 2023

Bruce is trapped inside the Nightmare Realm, haunted by the dark shadows that he’s created. To escape, he must regain control of his body. But that means going deeper into his own mind than he’s ever gone before. Can Batman make himself scarier than he’s ever been to survive? Also, what nightmares have Arsenal and Black Canary confronted in the Nightmare Realm? Let’s dive into Knight Terrors: Batman #2 by Joshua Williamson and find out!

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Knight Terrors: Batman #2 is certainly unique, to say the least. Batman somehow can do a better job controlling his nightmares now than Insomnia while also managing to crack a smile or two along the way. Now as silly as this may all sound, it actually gets a bit worse. Williamson’s voice of Batman is way off. He speaks with a sense of overconfidence and later to find himself having a conversation with the boy he was in the alley. What’s meant to be this heartfelt moment turns into a cheesy expose within his own nightmare. Readers will be left wondering how and why his nightmare somehow turned into a dream which would eventually release him from Insomnia’s clutches (possibly).

Again, we are all still left to wonder what this Nightmare Stone is and why it’s so important. No one knows who Insomnia is, how he’s related to Dr. Destiny, and where he’s been until now. Moreover, no one knows how every human being alive other than the Atlanteans are all stuck in a nightmare OR how some heroes can push through into other individuals’ nightmares. The rules are made up as we go and appear to be constantly changing whether it be overall in the Knight Terrors Event or in Knight Terrors: Batman #2.


Guillem March and Tomeu Morey definitely circulate the eerie, nightmare vibe throughout the comic. These two certainly nail that aspect of the issue. The comic is gritty, dark, violent, volatile, and gory at specific points. The colors are dark and bloody adding a nasty, almost saturating feeling to Knight Terrors: Batman #2. I especially love the last page with Robin. It’s dark, mysterious, and almost hauntingly charming. Most of the score is leaning heavily on the art team that did a phenomenal job creating a solid foundation for the issue grounded in a horror comic background.


Diving into Knight Terrors: Batman #2, my hope was that this issue would divulge a bit more information than some of the rest since it’s written by Williamson. I thought maybe we’d get an extra nugget of truth relating Insomnia and the Nightmare Stone, as well as a few why’s. Sadly, we continue to get an uncharacteristic Batman playing in a world where no rules are set or graphed into the foundation of the comic.

Anything goes people! Anything at all without purpose or direction. With almost every DC Comic following suit, I wonder if this event was merely to provide a break for many of the writers at the company. Whatever the case, this reviewer will be excited to get these ongoings back to their original happenings. As of right now, I’d steer clear of Knight Terrors: Batman #2 as well the entire Knight Terrors Event.


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