Klik Klik Boom #3 Review

Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Doug Dabbs
Colors: Matt Wilson
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher:  Image Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 23rd, 2023

Sprout, with Serena in tow, takes the fight with the agents of Minerva World Services (including the ice cold assassin Harrington) to a mansion in Klik Klik Boom #3.  Yet again, the mute teenager battles an army of hit men using traps and makeshift weapons to take them down.  But even with Sprout’s skills, is tragedy looming around the corner?

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The Story

It’s tough being Serena.   In Klik Klik Boom #3, and since the moment she met Sprout, Serena’s been on the run, always feeling three steps behind the teen, who’s mute but can handle herself in a fight far better than anyone else Serena has known. Even though we still haven’t learned much about Serena, other than that she’s an online reporter trying to score “the big story”, it’s fine, because watching her interactions with Sprout range from sad to hilarious to nail-biting.  We learn little things about Serena in how she reacts to Sprout. Sprout is an amazing character, one of the most interesting characters in comics this year.  We’ve gotten a lot of background information on her in these first three issues, but there’s still so much more to learn about her.

I love Sprout’s style, even right before a siege.  She primarily communicates by taking Polaroid pictures, but she communicates through her fashion too.   It seems every few pages she’s switched to a different outfit.   This issue, she starts off wearing an almost jester-like outfit, Harley Quinn-style black and pink wig.  Before Round 2 of the siege begins, she changes to a more teenage-looking outfit, with a blue pageboy wig and backpack, looking every bit like any other teen ready for school, except her backpack is packed with weaponry. Harrington makes for a great nemesis for Sprout.  Ice cold and brutal, even to his own men, he’s super smart and efficient, and the issue ends on a somber cliffhanger that promises a final showdown between Sprout and Harrington in the near future.

The Art

Doug Dabb’s art on Klik Klik Boom #3 is wonderfully emotive, which it has to be due to Sprout’s inability to speak.  Through Dabb’s art, we can always tell what Sprout is thinking, without needing dialogue or thought balloons.  It’s something that many artists wouldn’t be able to do. When violence comes, it has impact through the art, and it feels like watching a super violent R-rated film akin to “Kill Bill, Part 1”.

Final Thoughts

Klik Klik Boom #3 continues Sprout’s story with suspense, great action scenes and some comedy peppered throughout.  Sprout is a super intriguing character and the issue ends with a powerful cliffhanger.  Recommended.


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