Deep Cuts #2 Review

Deep Cuts #2 Review – Deep Cuts has been a fascinating miniseries so far, telling stories of the victories and disappointments of different characters living in the jazz age. Deep Cuts #2 focuses on Gail Geldstein, a musician in the late 1920’s struggling with a musical production that’s opening in a week. Realizing that the show doesn’t have a “hit song”, she has to write a jazz song that will score big, even though she has little knowledge of jazz or experience playing it. It’s both a fun romp and a tension-filled few days as we plunge with Gail into a world of flapper-era underground jazz clubs and late night jam sessions. Continue reading Deep Cuts #2 Review

Haunthology Vol. 1 Review

Haunthology Vol. 1 Review – From creatures of the night to even more terrifying creatures of the day, HAUNTHOLOGY is an anxiety-inducing collection of 28 short stories and vignettes from the mind of JEREMY HAUN, the writer and artist behind THE BEAUTY, THE REALM, The Red Mother, The Approach and other nightmarish mindscapes. Whether exploring a claustrophobic old house full of nefarious entities or the heavy thoughts one has during the pending end of the world, this very personal project was written and drawn entirely during the COVID lockdowns. Continue reading Haunthology Vol. 1 Review

Lovesick #7 Review

Lovesick #7 Review – Lovesick #7, the finale to the miniseries, concludes Domino and Jack’s story. Switching between flashbacks and the present, this issue delivers an emotional wallop. This miniseries has been one of the best books published in a long time, it never shies away from the darkest crevices of horror. It’s not for the timid and with this issue, we see the final chapter in Domino and Jack’s beautifully twisted relationship. Continue reading Lovesick #7 Review

Terrorwar #1 Review

Terrorwar #1 Review – Terrorwar #1 introduces Blue City, population 100,000,000, where people’s deepest fears can manifest as kaiju-style beasts called Terrors that rampage and destroy entire city blocks. Enter the Terrorfighters, operatives with the ability to generate brain bullets, allowing them to go full Rambo on the massive creatures, incinerating them in a hail of ammunition. Muhammad Cho, world-weary and cynical Terrorfighter, battles Terrors along with his team, collecting bounties on each and making a great living at it. But in this world, what’s a bigger threat: Terrors or the Terrorfighters who’ll do anything to destroy them? Continue reading Terrorwar #1 Review

Golden Rage #5 Review

Golden Rage #5 Review – Golden Rage #5 concludes the saga of Jay, Lottie, Rosie and Caroline (at least for now), as they struggle to decide whether to take a boat out and leave the island forever or stay and make a stand against other attacking tribes. It’s “Battle Royale” combined with “The Golden Girls”, with a conclusion that’s simultaneously captivating and frustrating. Continue reading Golden Rage #5 Review

It’s Lonely at the Centre of the Earth Review

It’s Lonely at the Centre of the Earth Review – Zoe Thorogood, artist of the Image mini-series Rain and the writer/artist of The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott has released her newest work: the autobiographical graphic novel It’s Lonely at the Centre of the Earth.
It’s a lovely story focusing on 6 months in Zoe’s life, but also reflecting back on her childhood and her lifelong struggle with depression. A wide variety of styles including black and white art, photography, and vibrant color art are used throughout the book, making it intriguing and very touching in places. Continue reading It’s Lonely at the Centre of the Earth Review

Echolands #6 Review

Echolands #6 Review – Hope Redhood and her band have a stand-off with Romulus as they prepare to set off via rocket to Horror Hill.  Romulus (with his Frankenstein partner in tow) will do anything to get on the rocket, and conflict ensues in Echolands #6, the last chapter of “Season One” of this massive story, encompassing every genre:  horror, mystery, heroic fantasy and sci-fi. Continue reading Echolands #6 Review