King Spawn #27 Review

Writer: Todd McFarlane

Artists: Javi Fernandez & Kevin Keane

Colorist: Ivan Nunes

Letterer: Andworld Design

Cover Artists: Dan Panosian; Don Aguillo

Publisher: Image

Price: $2.99

Release Date: November 1, 2023

Spawn doesn’t want Cogliostro on Hell’s Throne. So he asked the Visage to send him there. She did so after warning that he could never return. What battles will Spawn wage in his new home? Let’s leap into King Spawn #27 and find out!

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Al’s past flashes before his eyes as he falls. Powerless to halt his descent, doubts assault him. Questions probe his memory. Why did Hell choose him? What made Al Simmons worthy of returning from the dead? Rage formed him. He tried to ignore what his father taught him. Ultimately, he became what he hated. The military valued his rage. Jason Wynn wished he could find more killers like Al. But Wanda paid for his talent. Al couldn’t protect her from himself. In King Spawn #27, Spawn travels to an area forbidden to symbiotes. Before he can accomplish his goal, he must endure testing. Is he just another lost soul striving to protect others? Or does Al Simmons belong in Hell?


Spawn falls through a white abyss. Javi Fernandez & Kevin Keane spin memories like shards of glass, revealing childhood abuse, schoolyard fights, death on the battlefield, and meeting Wanda. Tentacles greet Al’s entrance to Hell. A face filled with eyes and teeth looms. Scorpions, spiders, and other insects infest this Valley Of The Shadow. If Al Simmons fears Death in King Spawn #27, he doesn’t show it.

Spawn’s crimson suit and cape paint a trail of pink like a brush across a virgin canvas. At the heart of the green fires, white stars burn in his eyes. Ivan Nunes uses red to amplify a limited palette for Al’s memories. He enhances characters, objects, and backgrounds with highlighting, shading, and texturing. Gray smoke surrounds Spawn in the darkness. Yet the fractured floor reflects light, and the tentacled creature glows with unwelcome vitality.

Yellow uppercase letters glow within brown narrative boxes as Todd McFarlane retells Al’s origins in King Spawn #27. Andworld Design helps us hear the impact as Spawn hits Hell’s stone floor. The tentacled monster speaks white letters into cloudy black balloons. Spawn responds with his signature-styled balloons. His words are big, black, and beautiful. Yet the color of a stressed word reminds us of his eyes. Does Spawn’s final utterance suggest a link with Gaia? Or is it just the anger that drives him? Thanks to Image Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions for providing a copy for review.

Final Thoughts

Who are we? Where do we belong? Spawn must wrestle with such questions and accept his destiny in King Spawn #27.


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