Justice Society of America #2 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art:  Mikel Janín, Jordie Bellaire, Jerry Ordway, Scott Kolins, Steve Lieber, Brandon Peterson, John Kalisz, Jordan Boyd, Rob Leigh, Yanick Paquette, and Nathan Fairbairn

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 24th, 2023

The new Golden Ages continues as Huntress has arrived in the present day, but the Justice Society of America are not what she remembers. Can she get to the bottom of what’s happened to the world’s first superhero team? Will the helmet of Fate hold the answers Huntress seeks? Let’s dive into Justice Society of America #2 by Geoff Johns and find out!

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This week’s Justice Society of America #2 is definitely a quick read. You’ll be done reading it before you know it. Additionally, it doesn’t necessarily provide a ton of contextual answers. However, I would argue that Johns is trying to drop subtle narrative clues for readers to uncover down the road. Now, I don’t think he’s revealing much other than a canvas to point back toward when the plot points are finalized. Nevertheless, the story is strong and continues to provide the Golden Age vibes the title promises.

As for the story ironed out in Justice Society of America #2, it looks like Degaton has been this “Stranger” that has been visiting Helena most of her life. But why her? It appears as though his end game is to destroy the JSA forever. But it just feels like there is so much more to this story that hasn’t been discovered yet, which is totally ok considering we are only at issue two. If anything, it promotes more intrigue and speculation which is always a telltale sign of a great comic.

Now, for those that don’t know, Degaton is simply an evil Villain who travels through time and has had many run-ins with the JSA. Readers that don’t know anything directly about Degaton will have to look him up to figure some things out. Johns won’t hold your hand with this information. Nevertheless, Helena does discover that Degaton is somehow involved with all of this time-hopping as Justice Society of America #2 wraps.

Moreover, it appears as though this Snowglobe is pushing Helena through time to different incarnations of the JSA connected to Doctor Fate, which means he’s involved somehow as well. However, what does the Snow Globe mean and what’s its significance? Lastly, I absolutely love the introduction to Salem the Witch Girl who was just in Stargirl: The Lost Children #3. I just can’t get enough of comic books that perfectly connect together. It shows forethought, planning, and intricate story beats that provide for an elaborate, heavy-thinking, smart narrative.


The throwback to the JSA, the colors, and the atmosphere captured by this creative team are beautiful. It’s real but also classic. Yet, the jump to the Swamp was a perfect transition for artists to provide darker tones centered around the more eerie surroundings reminiscent of the occult, mystery, and magic. Readers, the multiple artists from different time periods do a fantastic job of changing tones and attitudes from one era to the next. It’s the perfect strategy for a comic prone to connecting multiple eras in time throughout one issue.


Whether it’s John’s, the art, the story, the topic, or all of the above, Justice Society of America feels important. It feels like an event. And Justice Society of America #2 continues to push the series in that direction. Sometimes, a comic just gives off the vibe of importance. Many times, Event Comics feel that way. Now, I understand that Justice Society of America isn’t technically an event BUT it definitely should be. The pacing, the questions, the intricate plot threads, and the time manipulation make for amazing speculations and fan theories that should spark your interest for the next few weeks. I highly recommend giving Justice Society of America #2, as well as picking up issue one while you are at it. If you have any questions on the review or are ever interested in tackling a comic review of your own, feel free to email me directly at dispatchdcu@gmail.com. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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