Justice League Incarnate #1 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver

Art: Brandon Peterson, Andrei Bressan, Tom Derenick. Hi-Fi, and Tom Napolitano

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: November 30th, 2021

Well, the wait and delay are over! From the pages of INFINITE FRONTIER, Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver bring President Superman and FLASHPOINT Batman together again as they recruit some team members in search for Barry Allen, a Multiversal crack, and a means of stopping Darkseid once and for all. However, as this opening installment wraps, Williamson and Culver place the foundation for the series while kicking the roof off the story moving forward. JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE #1 has a ton of moving parts, full-throttle action, and exotic characters perfect for new and longtime fans alike. Let’s crack this issue open and take a look!

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Essentially, what will drive the reader’s attention throughout JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE #1 is the array of unfamiliar, yet reminiscent characters that provide that hook immediately into the comic. Moreover, it’s the way Williamson and Culver manage to juggle this extremely large cast of characters giving an excellent blend of interest where it’s needed without making any character feel left out. Readers, there’s practically something for everybody in this comic.

Furthermore, for those coming into JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE off the heels of INFINITE FRONTIER, you’ll love the Machinehead/ Earth-8 reveals. And to those jumping on board now after gazing upon a cover of eclectic superhero vigor, Williamson and Culver catche you up rather quickly offering up JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE #1 as a fun starting point for any interested comic fam. However, I would pump the breaks on any completely new Comic fan dipping their toes into this issue. There is a lot going on which could make a new recruit rather confused.


Nevertheless, the action is fierce, the characters are aplenty, but it’s actually the FLASHPOINT Batman that seems the most out of place. For those wondering, Thomas Wayne Batman is by far a fan-favorite of this reviewer. FLASHPOINT is still an all-time favorite for this comic enthusiast. AND, to anyone interested in the perfect Christmas gift, look no further than that trade. However, my point by this ramble is to simply say that the character hasn’t been portrayed the same since. He’s dabbled in CONVERGENCE, BATMAN by Tom King, the items surrounding the Button, and the most recent INFINITE FRONTIER series.

Yet, he’s never been portrayed how he was in FLASHPOINT nor is he in JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE #1. I never quite understood what King was doing with him nor why he decided to do it. And now, I just wonder why Thomas Wayne “needs” to be part of this team if only for the pizzazz and fan-favorite allure. However, the only thing he contributes to the narrative is that he’s a “Batman” to their Multiversal Justice League. His mannerisms, motive, and depiction just don’t seem to line up with the rest of the team. Why would he be a part of this? It just doesn’t make sense.


As many will see, there were multiple artists on the series which could be a contributor as to why the series was held up. Maybe someone stepped aside and it needed to be finished? I, however, don’t know the answers to that question. Nonetheless, a shift in illustrations is very noticeable. Readers, Brandon Peterson is amazing. Anyone reading comics right now knows that. At first, his thick outline style use to bother me. However, it’s really positively grown on this reviewer especially because of the magnitude and detail he brings to his rendering.

Plus, mix his illustrations with Hi-Fi’s colors, and the issue just pops with its vibrant color choices. Now, it’s not that Andrei Bressan’s art is awful, because it’s not by any stretch. However, it’s just so drastically different from Peterson and isn’t as detailed or dynamic. Maybe if he had more to work with , as well as less lettering cluttering the pages throughout those sections, readers could see more of what Bressan could offer?


JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE #1 has tons of heavy hitters, feels super important, and raises the level of Sci-Fi, alternate reality, superhero escapades to new heights. Readers get all their favorites but ultimately with a Multiversal twist. The premise and scope are large, the cast of characters is overflowing, and the story beats have potential. It’s too early to tell if this series is a home run hit. However, it’s most certainly got my attention leaving me excited for the next issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE. I recommend giving it a strong look this week and can’t wait to hear what others have to say. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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