Justice League #75 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Taragona, Matt Herms, Josh Reed, Daniel Sampere, and Alejandro Sánchez

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $6.99

Release Date: April 26th, 2022

Join us in this oversized, final issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE as Joshua Williamson begins the next epic DCU event! How can the JUSTICE LEAGUE stop this new Dark Army stitched together from some of the DCU’s worst villains cultivated from the very rim of the Multiverse?! Let’s dive into the JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 as the DCU’s most powerful superheroes are plucked away into an all-out war in hopes to kick the darkness back once and for all! But in the end, will they be enough? Let’s find out!

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Readers who have been following JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE will step right into JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 with ease. The issue is basically a continuation of events that transpired in the series and unfolds to current readers the new big bad. Plus, in a way, it’s the Pre DARK CRISIS. So, if you’re into DC CRISIS LEVEL EVENTS, you’ll definitely want to snag this issue.

However, as the issue stands alone, JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 opens rather flat with dialogue used to practically hold the reader’s hand and usher them through the comic. Readers will see very little action until the middle of the issue and will practically be told what’s going on directly by the characters instead of shown or at least a combination of the two.

Furthermore, the characterizations of the JUSTICE LEAGUE were totally off. I hated Jon Stewart’s Godstorm cocky attitude that seemed way out of character. Yet, it wasn’t just Jon. Many of the characters had an arrogant demeanor. It was almost as if Willaimson was overcompensating the behavior simply because the JUSTICE LEAGUE always wins. Therefore, he wanted it to come across as more of a shock when they die. I know… I know… Spoilers and all that. However, the comic is literally titled “Death of the Justice League” making it hard to hide the direction the narrative was taking.

Additionally, the sheer strength and power of Pariah, who appears to be the main villain to this point, seems extremely overblown, so much so that unless he’s somehow depowered, no one could ever stop him making for an overly complicated story ahead to wiggle out of. Plus, what was the point of all the other villains if Pariah could basically destroy everyone on his own?

Nevertheless, for as much as this story had so many bad takes, there were a few that hit the mark. I liked the callbacks to CRISIS OF INFINITE EARTHS, as well as the moments Willaimson took to explain how our heroes could single-handedly go toe-to-toe with threats that normally took the entire LEAGUE in the past.


Overall, Rafa Sandoval guides this creative team with some pretty stellar renderings. Yet, it’s Jordi Taragona and Matt Herms who really make JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 pop with its bright and vibrant design. Moreover, Sandoval must have had a blast penciling the plethora of villains who appear in this issue. Look no further than the two-page spread of Pariah’s Dark Army to see the intensity Sandoval, Taragona, and Herms craft into this comic. Furthermore, the unique page designs on multiple pages added the perfect wrinkle which helped the issue stand out.

Nevertheless, there is one artistic aspect of JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 that came across as a bit weird. For some reason, Sandoval frequently left out the characters’ pupils and just drew straight, dark etching in their spots or, in the case of some of the villains, just made them open and hollow. This took away the depth, realism, and emotion from some of the key moments and made it seem like Sandoval was purposeful in the eye design with its frequency. Why not add depth to the character? It just stood out and caused me to wonder why he chose to leave them out.


JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 was merely the precursor to DARK CRISIS used to connect the event to JUSTICE LEAGUE INCARNATE. And by the end of the issue, it’s made pretty clear that our heroes are dead leaving the next generation to deal with this crisis on their own… or so we are lead to believe. The concept of the younger crew taking the reins and finally stopping a CRISIS EVENT on their own sounds promising. However, the route used to get to this point is where the issue flopped. Pompous characterization mixed with narrative hand-holding led this reviewer to feel like the story was forced and convoluted simply to get us to DARK CRISIS.

But, why did we need to rush into this crisis? And how is Pariah so disgustingly powerful? So powerful that he can vaporize our heroes with ease. And if he has the power, what did he need anyone else for other than grins and giggles? Ultimately, JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 was a quick escapade to get Williamson to his DARK CRISIS that lacked depth and felt overly forced. Yet if I’m being honest, I’ve seen so much worse. Plus, I ironically left intrigued by what’s in store as the DARK CRISIS unfolds. So, as a stand-alone issue goes, JUSTICE LEAGUE #75 Is a hard pass. However, I find myself fascinated as to what will transpire as the DARK CRISIS unfolds. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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