Thor #24 Review

Writers: Donny Cates, Walter Simonson, Dan Jurgens, J. Michael Straczynski, Al Ewing, Jason Aaron

Artists: Nic Klein, Walter Simonson, Dan Jurgens, Klaus Janson, Olivier Coipel, Lee Garbett, Das Pastoras

Colorists: Matt Wilson, Laura Martin, Matt Milla, Alejandro Sànchez, Antonio Fabela

Letterers: VC’s Joe Sabino, John Workman

Price: $8.99

Release Date: April 27, 2022

Reviewer: Lukke Sweet

Thor #24, also heralded as Thor #750, finds Thor presiding over Odin’s funeral.  Each of the individual stories within this anthology issue echoes back to this setting as Thor reads from the Book of Kings, the history of Asgard’s rulers.  These six stories are all written by a different creative team and have their own distinct feelings.  Readers will enjoy the breadth of stories throughout this issue which sees many iconic characters from Thor’s first 749 issues, such as Beta Ray Bill and Jane Foster. Thor #24 by Donny Cates et al. is a massive anniversary issue that doesn’t disappoint.

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The Second Son of Asgard

Donny Cates has written the overarching story which sets the stage for each of the other creators. Cates handles the family dynamics of Asgard’s rulers well as we see Thor’s feelings toward his father both publicly and privately.  Readers will be excited to see how Thor’s relationship with Odin changes now that Odin’s spirit is speaking through Mjolnir.  Overall, Cates has given readers an enjoyably somber story to bookend Thor #24.

Nic Klein’s art throughout “The Second Son of Asgard” is muted, immediately conveying a sense of loss and heartbreak as readers witness the funeral of Odin.  The best example of this is the two-page scene of Odin’s funeral procession.  Klein has been able to add so many characters from across the Marvel Universe and their grief is evident in every line.  


Walter Simonson gives us a treat as “Prologue” tells the story of Beta Ray Bill’s origin.  New readers will have fun with this story as they may not know much about the character.   In an action-packed story, Simonson uses sound effects masterfully to induce a sense of urgency.  

The Seduction

Dan Jurgens looks at the relationship between Thor and Odin and the temptation of power in the aftermath of a battle.  Jurgens will show readers a darker side of Thor and the protectiveness of Odin in this enjoyable story.  The art of Klaus Janus is paired well with Jurgen’s writing and does a great job at showing how much power Thor truly has.


J. Michael Straczynski takes a different approach to his story than the previous stories by presenting a thoughtful, touching story that has Thor reflecting back upon his life and how he would like his legacy to be handled.  Olivier Coipel’s art works well here, especially in conjunction with Alejandro Sànchez’s colors.  Together, Coipel and Sànchez convey the solemnity and hopefulness present in Straczynski’s dialogue perfectly.  

What Comes Next

With “What Comes Next” Al Ewing returns to writing Loki as he uses this story to preview the upcoming Defenders: Beyond title.  This was an enjoyable story that lets readers see Loki in multiple different settings, each stunningly visualized by Lee Garbett and Antonio Fabela.  

Who Wields Who

Jason Aaron returns to Thor and tells an awesome story focused on Mjolnir.  Aaron finds the perfect pacing for this story.  “Who Wields Who” goes to great lengths to show that Mjolnir is no mere hammer, but a legend in its own right. For as good of a story this is, Das Pastoras’ art is better. Being able to see the strain of one unworthy to wield Mjolnir and then presented with a splash page of Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Jane Foster wielding the hammer is beyond words.

Final Thoughts

Thor #24 holds something for everyone. Long-time readers will be delighted by the return of iconic talent, while new readers will enjoy immersing themselves in the mythos of Thor. All of the creators have done a wonderful job of making this a memorable anniversary issue but Cates especially has primed us for something special in the upcoming Banner of War crossover with Hulk.


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