Justice League #62 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis and Ram V

Art: David Marquez, Ivan Plascencia, Josh Reed, Alejandro Sánchez, Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 1st, 2021

So, as we dive into this issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE #62 by Brian Michael Bendis, we find our heroes ( to quote Black Canary) with “janky” powers. For some reason, no one’s abilities are working properly. However, it’s not just the JUSTICE LEAGUE’S powers that are all out of whack, so are NAOMI’S. Now, to those JL fans searching for an action-packed issue, you’ll find it this week! Ultimately, JUSTICE LEAGUE #62 is one huge showdown between the League’s malfunctioning abilities and Brutus. Nonetheless, the only brand spanking new information we gain in this installment is that the FLASH somehow “miscalculated” the coordinates when he sent the team.

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Here is the biggest problem: we are still missing some pertinent information to make this story flow well. It’s as if Bendis is leaving out key information on purpose. Why were our heroes separated? And, what’s going on with their powers? Furthermore, shouldn’t NAOMI’S powers be working fine since they are in her homeworld? Yet, she’s somehow gradually disappearing. So, my only thoughts are, like in Back to the Future, that somehow they’re alternating NAOMI’S past causing her to disappear. How and why… I couldn’t tell you. But, the only time I can remember someone fading away was in Back to the Future when Marty was messing with the past. Nevertheless, more problems arise because somehow Hippolyta and the FLASH join the battle. How?

So, readers will find themselves at a loss as to what exactly is going on as well as the “rules” of this narrative. Yet, I still found this issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE refreshing, enjoyable, and entertaining. Bendis does a great job juggling multiple characters while having them interact within the setting. I just wish he had more page count to iron out this story. Are we missing key components because he’s sharing the page count? Furthermore, the character’s voices are spot on. His take on the heroes and members involved fits well. My biggest wish is for Bendis to better explain what’s going on within the fast-moving narrative. If readers don’t get answers to some questions quickly, I think they may jettison from this series, which would be awful. There is just so much promise here.


Now, even though I wish Bendis had more page count, that doesn’t mean this reviewer wants Ram V’s JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK story to go anywhere. I wish he had his own title to tell this wildly interesting story. For those trying to catch up at home, our JLD team is tracking down Merlin in a magical mystery tour that’s seen the team venture into some splendidly brilliant adventures to date. Some may argue that they like Ram V’s story more and find it a bit more critical. However, I’d suggest that your comparing two different styles and genres.

Ram V thrives with this type of storytelling making him naturally suited for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Yet, both writers are finding unique ways of balancing their stories with suspense, action, and adventure. However, the one-notch I’d give to Ram’s narrative is that I feel like the direction and purpose is a bit more clear. I don’t feel like he’s purposely hiding key elements of the story. Nevertheless, both tales make JUSTICE LEAGUE a solid comic to have on your pull list at DC COMICS right now.


David Marquez’s illustrations are stunning. And, so much can be said about Ivan Plascencia’s brilliantly vibrant color choices making Bendis’ tale leap off the page with excitement. Marquez and Plascencia are what truly hold this story together. This entire issue is centered around action and it’s these two artists that make the story explode off the page. Marquez draws some of the most realistic illustrations at DC right now while also finding creative ways of showing movement throughout each panel.

Yet, Xermanico and Romulo Fajardo Jr. shouldn’t be forgotten here either. The opening page with Merlin was amazing. Plus, the panel progression that Xermanico uses as the reader is ushered through the conversations with ease was astounding. Moreover, the villainous look in Merlin’s eyes makes him an antagonist that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Together, both sets of artists work well to bring some much-needed attention back to the JUSTICE LEAGUE series. I feel like readers are sleeping on this comic and they really shouldn’t be.


Simply put: JUSTICE LEAGUE is worth the price tag. You get two outstanding stories from two amazing writers. Furthermore, both stories are so drastically different that you can’t help but find some aspect of either story that tickles your fancy. Those sticking around for the main JUSTICE LEAGUE story will find tons of action, solid character portrayals, and suspenseful fun. However, few questions are answered and readers may find themselves a bit stuck in the mud with where this story is going. That said, I recommend readers to hang in there like the cat poster suggests.

To those fans snagging this series for the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK backup, you get much more significance, secrets, and set up for a story that’s sure to be a home run hit. Furthermore, the art in both stories is stellar adding its own distinctive outlet to both narratives. Sure, I wish Bendis’ story was a bit more clear. However, I’m holding out hope for more to be revealed soon. And in the meantime, Ram’s story could be worth the buy alone! Pick this issue up, let me know why you think, and God Bless!


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