The Swamp Thing #4 Review

Writer: Ram V. 

Artist: Mike Perkins

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: June 2, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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The Swamp Thing #4 written by Ram V. with art by Mike Pekins is part 2 of the current storyline entitled “My Green Amaranthine.” Most of this issue takes place in The Green, as Levi continues to learn about this mysterious place and the contagion that is plaguing it. Meanwhile, Jennifer Reece presses on through The Green with Jason Woodrue looking for Levi and a way of escape. Eventually, Swamp Thing finds Jennifer, but what will she think if/when she finds out that Levi is Swamp Thing? There’s also a cameo by Poison Ivy and another DC character readers will recognize.


The Swamp Thing #4 was another great issue by Ram V., as he continues to methodically teach Levi (and readers) about The Green. But as much as I liked the story in this issue, the real gem is the artwork. It is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect style for this horror/hero type of book. Perkins draws Swamp Thing with such detailed precision that I just stared at pages for minutes after reading the dialogue. Of course, I must give a huge shout-out to colorist Mike Spicer, whose colors make the artwork jump off the page. I especially loved the page with Swamp Thing carrying an unconscious Jennifer.

It’s stunning and in this reviewer’s opinion worth the price of admission all by itself. The one and only negative about this issue is that I feel Poison Ivy’s appearance in the story was unnecessary. She has brought nothing to the series other than being a familiar face that readers will know. I’m hoping Ram V has bigger plans for her in future issues that haven’t been revealed to readers yet. 


The Swamp Thing #4 is an all-around great comic book. The story, artwork, and coloring are all top-notch. If you’ve been reading this series, don’t hesitate to pick up this issue. You will not be disappointed. If you are a new reader, don’t just pick up this installment  – go get all FOUR! This has been a fun ride thus far, and I can’t wait for more!


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