Infinite Frontier #5 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Paul Pelletier, Jesús Merino, Raul Fernandez, Tom Derenick, Hi-Fi, Norm Rapmund, Tom Napolitano, and Mitch Gerads

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: August 31st, 2021

Roy Harper has been through a lot since he was Green Arrow’s sidekick. However, as Roy continues to discover his place in this new multiverse, he comes across his friend Jade while searching for his daughter. Nevertheless, can Roy help Jade escape the Omega Planet before it’s too late or will the two of them have to take on Darkseid alone? Let’s dive into INFINITE FRONTIER #5 by Joshua Williamson and find out!

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The excitement is finally back! That same excitement I had when reading INFINITE FRONTIER #1 that was so reminiscent of the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS as well as INFINITE CRISIS. That distinguished, important, monumental feeling that carried weight and merit distinct to only classic DC COMICS. Williamson certainly delivers that by the truckload this week. Furthermore, fans will begin to get some explanations as to what exactly is going on. Oftentimes, writers forget to bring the story back together with translucence and clarity. And to that extent, I argue that the motive is better understood. However, maybe not so much it’s simplicity.

Ultimately, readers discover that Darkseid has forged a team concurrently to harness these multiversal energies together to help create barriers between them. And thus, this “Injustice Incarnate” is actually trying to stop the multiverse from fracturing more than it is by working with Darkseid and creating barriers. Does this make Darkseid the hero? Truthfully, who’s always at the epicenter? Earth-0 heroes! The reference they use in INFINITE FRONTIER is the events from FLASHPOINT. Technically, Darkseid isn’t wrong. Somehow, Earth-0 is always connected to these “crises” and the other Multiverses pay the price. However, being totally transparent, we know Darkseid has another agenda. And, what’s that agenda? Simply put: that agenda is him ruling all the Multiverses.


Seeing Williamson weave together the JSA with these other forgotten heroes of the Justice Incarnate was amazing. These semi-forgotten characters finally get the prime-time spectacle they’ve missed for quite some time. It’s refreshing to see President Superman, Alan Scott, and Roy Harper working together as some of the main heroes of this event. It’s possibly the very same character choices by Williamson that gave INFINITE FRONTIER that inspiring aura that’s been missing at DC COMICS for quite some time.


Now, the convolution of INFINITE FRONTIER #5 isn’t as bad as the DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL event that brought about this drastic change. However, this week’s installment still had its moments. For example, the reasoning for Machine-Man to want revenge on Thomas Wayne is silly. The funky multiversal chains that appear all over the issue really don’t make a ton of sense. Additionally, the justification behind the Black Lantern Ring seemed a bit flat. Now, I understand why it chose Roy but where exactly did it come from in the first place? And where did Detective Bones’ new outfit come from? Granted, if you look back at INFINITE FRONTIER #4, you’ll notice Agent Chase shoot Bones as he begins to change costumes. But why? What’s the purpose? And lastly, I’m not understanding the exact purpose of Barry Allen in this event. We need more Barry! It can’t be a crisis without a FLASH!


The epic feeling is back. Williamson furnishes answers, intrigue, and a unique storyline that feels significant. The cast of characters front and center in this week’s INFINITE FRONTIER #5 provides a refreshing touch that DC COMICS has been missing for quite some time. Sure, some of the explanations seem a bit forced BUT we finally get legitimate reasons that kind of make sense (kind of). So far, INFINITE FRONTIER continues to keep my attention while providing that classic foundation that literally built the company and drew me to comics in the first place. I can’t wait for the next issue to see where DC COMICS goes from here! Pick this issue up, as well as the series, let me know what you think, and have a great week!


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