Hellions #15 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Rogê Antônio, Rain Beredo, VC Ariana Maher, Tom Muller, and Stephen Segovia

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: September 1st, 2021

Sinister’s Secrets are most certainly Revealed! The HELLIONS have discovered that Sinister managed to get them killed on a suicide mission to collect Arakki genes for his mad scientific cloning experiments. However, Sinister’s actions drew the attention of Tarn the Uncaring and the Locus Vile. But why does Tarn care so dang much? Let’s dive into HELLIONS #15 by Zeb Wells to see where Sinister and his clone ran off to as they left the remaining HELLIONS members to fend for themselves against the Amino Fetus!

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If you can seep through the creepy, confusing language and terminology surrounding the Locus Vile, you’ll find a rather emotional and explosive comic under the surface. Wells uses HELLIONS #15 as the “coming clean” issue where fans will see Kwannon finally divulge the truth while Sinister lays all his cards on the table. Additionally, Mister Sinister’s amazing cliffhanger-of-a Secret is Revealed! Before this issue of HELLIONS is finished, fans will finally figure out what Sinister views as a Chimera. And readers, you won’t want to miss it!


Now, as interesting as Tarn and the Locus Vile are, the chilling illustrations by Rogê Antônio and Rain Beredo kind of made the middle portion of this issue, as well as the last, a bit hard to digest. Sure, if that’s your thing, you’ll find this week’s HELLIONS even more inviting. Antônio and Beredo nail the eerie, horror style extremely well. However, that’s not this reviewer’s cup of Darjeeling!


In a mere 15 issues, Wells has found a way to make this team a family. And, he’s done so in a variety of different ways. From weird and almost unorthodox journeys to moments filled with unique heart-to-hearts, Wells has thrown an assortment of stories at readers to mold their team together in such a fashion that fans almost feel a part of this strange, zany, messed up family.

Readers will discover some touching moments sprinkled around some solid reveals that are almost jaw-dropping, to say the least. And blended like a smoothie throughout HELLIONS #15 continues to flow the sly, subtle humor that’s driven this series straight to the top of the X-MEN titles. We are over a year and a half into this series and I think fans could make a strong argument that Wells understands this band of misfits more than any other X-MEN writer gets their respective teams.


HELLIONS #15 is one heck of a wild ride. And, this ride has a handful of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat once this issue gets cookin’! It’s fast-paced and well-balanced with the perfect amount of action to keep fans involved. The art was a bit too dark and graphic for my specific taste yet that didn’t make it necessarily bad by any stretch.

Still, what the reasonably twisted illustrations took from the issue, the story, emotion, vigor, and humor returned in spades. My only hope is that this cliffhanger doesn’t go away fast. I genuinely wish it evolves into something so much more. This is one heck of an issue of HELLIONS that won’t be easy to dive right into. However, it’s perfect for invested readers within the series. I highly recommend heading to your local comic shop ASAP! Let me know what you think, have s great week, and God bless!


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