Hulk #6 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Frank Martin, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and VC’s Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: April 20th, 2022

To this point, readers have established that Banner has turned the HULK’s body into some sort of spacecraft with Banner piloting the beast and the different HULK personalities as the driving force. However, on the opening voyage of Starship HULK, this Mean Green Machine was sucked into an alternate reality by a variant of Bruce Banner who hails from a world where General Ross became President and used Gamma Bombs to take over the world. Nevertheless, for our HULK to escape, Banner had to turn up the HULK power to new levels. Yet, as the last issue came to a close, readers discovered that one of the personas floating around Banner’s mind that looked like Betty was in fact NOT her at all. So, who is this Betty persona, and why are they in Bruce’s mind? Let’s smash into HULK #6 by Donny Cates to find out!

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So, the build-up of Cates’ six issues of the HULK culminates with the reveal of the Titan, which happens to be described as a “HULK for a HULK”. The concept was simple: everyone has a HULK so why can’t HULK have a HULK? And sure, the Titan looked pretty killer. However, the Titan is here and gone in a matter of 5 pages with no rhyme or reason as to how it came, what it really was, or if it will ever come back again.

Additionally, after all the wreckage and damage to this Spaceship HULK, one would assume it would be unable to be repaired. Well, luckily Cates writes in a simple repair strategy that allows the ship to auto repair itself sending Bruce towards his next adventure in the BANNER OF HULKS which simply made all this build-up amount to… nothing. Ultimately, what was the purpose of the arc? Other than to throw out ridiculous battle sequences and variant incarnations of HULK’S and gamma mutates, what exactly have we discovered from Cates’ run to date? What’s the point? What are the character beats of this run?

HULK fans, we are basically looking at the EXPENDABLES but in comic form. What was the EXPENDABLES you might ask? Well, an entertaining action movie cluttered with explosions, high-profile stars, plenty of violence, surface-level plots, and a high death toll. The premise is to hit all the bells and whistles of yesteryear by providing high octane thrills and relentless action. And ultimately, that’s HULK #6.

Readers learn nothing new about “Betty” nor anything about the tragedy that sent Banner on this space exploration. There’s no explanation, no further development, and an ending that merely thrusts both Cates books together for a mini crossover event that seems overly popular right now in the comic realm.


Ryan Ottley continues to be the superstar of the series as readers witness HULK throw down against the mental forces of THANOS and even a Hulked-out Galactus. Moreover, there is tons of blood, violence, and pure insanity that’s extremely entertaining and overly powerful. It’s basically cluttered throughout the entire issue.

Ottley is once again the main storyteller giving fans the epic melee that’s been Cates’ HULK series to date. And HULK #6 is no different. Its thanks to Ottley that the insanity reached all new heights in this issue and truly will draw fans into the narrative. However, due to a lack of development and story, Ottley can only mask the lack of substantial plot threads for only so long.


So, who’s this Titan? Well HULK fans, you won’t really find that out. Ok, then what was the purpose of Spaceship HULK getting marooned in this alternate reality? What did we discover as HULK #6 wraps? Honestly, nothing. HULK #6 levels up the HULK onslaught, showcases the absurdity, and pushes any questions down the line for later.

If you like ridiculousness and violent action without a story, HULK #6 is your comic. However, if you’re looking for something extensive from everyone’s favorite Jade Giant, you may have to look elsewhere. I hope you’re all ready for the mega-epic showdown of Cates books with BANNER OF HULKS on the horizon… because I’m not. I need depth. I need something to hold on to. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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