Gunslinger Spawn #24 Review

Writer: Todd McFarlane

Artist: Brett Booth

Inker: Adelso Corona

Colorist: Ivan Nunes

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Cover Artists: Mike Deodato Jr.; Kael Ngu

Publisher: Image

Price: 2.99

Release Date: September 20, 2023

Taylor’s haunted by nightmare visions. Gunslinger wakes him, then tells him they’re Splitsville. Wait? Is the scarred hellspawn breaking up the team? Let’s fall into Gunslinger Spawn #24 and find out!

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Taylor suffered while growing up due to his less-than-human heritage. He struggled to fit in because his father never explained he didn’t belong. This reminder of his past makes Taylor notice Javier’s scars. Taylor’s pity reminds his hellspawn friend of unfinished business.

Javier abandons Taylor to visit his shaman. Waya reminds Gunslinger of his obligations to the boy. But Javier hasn’t had time to train the boy or help Taylor fight the infection poisoning him. After dealing with the angels that pursued him and battling Clown and Violator on Omega Island, Gunslinger wants revenge on the people who hurt him and his sister. He’s waited long enough: it’s time to settle the score.

Gunslinger Spawn #24 reminds us of Taylor’s parentage and ups the stakes for his survival. Javier suffers from a similar sickness, but we haven’t seen how his angelic affliction affects him since Waya aided him in issue #18. The friends should go to school with each other. But Javier’s tired of running. Make Do and Mend must do until he’s balanced the scales. Watch out, villains! If Gunslinger’s serving up revenge, it’ll be a dish best served scorching hot!


Brett Booth and Adelso Corona open with a double-page spread of Taylor’s hellish suffering. While it doesn’t explain Taylor’s confusion, Dakota’s mention of giving Javier a steed makes more sense when Gunslinger pulls the tiny dinosaur from his pocket. The shape it assumes suggests its owner influences its transformation. Javier’s new ride–and the modern weapons Spawn supplied in issue #19–contrast with the ancient weapons and modern transportation Gunslinger used in this series debut. Two minor quibbles with Booth’s otherwise excellent contributions would be the tiny panels that limit the expressiveness of Sharon’s boyfriend and don’t show what Javier did to his adversary’s car.

Ivan Nunes loads his palette with vibrant colors that provide contrast and a touch of gray in Gunslinger Spawn #24. The fire surrounding Javier’s new steed burns red hot in the verdant forest. Smoky candles provide ambiance to Gunslinger’s sepia-toned scenes with Waya. Forelorn Sharon’s blue-green eyes dazzle, and Gunslinger’s red scarf and green eyes enhance the ferocity of his attack. Yet what lingers is the blood that pervades Taylor’s torture.

Tom Orzechowski delivers dialogue in stylized balloons in Gunslinger Spawn #24. While the yellow words in brown narrative boxes are usually easy to read, longer sentences reduce the letter size in this issue. Sparse sound effects accentuate the action as Javier charts a new path.

Final Thoughts

Gunslinger Spawn #24 ponders the hunger for revenge, the universal nature of human suffering, and our responsibility to care for those in need.


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