Green Lantern #3 Review

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Art: Xermánico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Dave Sharpe

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: September 12th, 2023

Hal learns more about his mysterious Green Lantern ring while Sinestro makes a deal with the mysterious “Guild” to launch a full-scale attack on Ferris Air as Green Lantern #3 by Jeremy Adams continues. The Green Lantern is now faced with the realization that his greatest enemy is back on Earth and undoubtedly up to no good.

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Like most Jeremy Adams installments, Green Lantern #3 begins with fun, entertainment, and quick action to hook the reader instantly. Follow up that intensity with speed and some captivating art and readers will be locked in as Green Lantern #3 begins to take shape. However, the problem with Adams story is that this thing flies by so quick that readers will wonder what actually happened. It’s almost as if this issue was a go-between to get our feet wet again after the long hiatus from the utterly horrendous events of Knights Terror.

The problem with Green Lantern #3 is that even though it was fun, it was skippable. You learn nothing new about Hal’s ring. And, we get little information on Sinestro. What’s his game? Why’s he here? What’s the connection? So ultimately, this entire issue could be summarized by saying… “Sinestro is back”. That’s it. And why these types of issues bother me is because they make the price of the comic seem even more difficult to swallow. Granted, if we were to read this entire first arc in trade, the pacing wouldn’t be a concern at all. Nevertheless, we aren’t. And therefore, Green Lantern #3 kind of misses the mark this week.

That all being said, I’m still loving the down-to-earth vibe Adams is giving Hal. He hasn’t been stationed in and or around Earth and this sector for quite some time. Plus, I’m really digging the bright colors, smooth design, and fresh glow this art team is contributing to the comic. It’s this design that inspires the quickness and easy-read ability of Green Lantern #3. Look no further than the building in the middle of Coast City to see exactly what I mean. That tower is outstanding! Moreover, Adams makes this third issue easy for readers to jump into the story even if they haven’t prior. Granted, it’s not like we learn anything about the prior issues nor do we gain footing for what’s to come. However, it’s almost as if he brings anyone and everyone along for the ride with ease.


Green Lantern #3 is loads of fun and fits Adams usual storytelling dynamic. It’s super quick, incredibly easy to follow, comfortable, colorful, and is welcoming for all ages. However, there was very little substance this week, and it made the issue feel almost a bit lackluster. If this story was in a trade, it would read very well. Nevertheless, it’s not and may cause fans to feel like it’s not worth the price of admission. That said, I followed Adams through his entire Flash run. And I can verify from past practice that Green Lantern will take off soon. I have no doubt. Just hang in there for another issue or two for him to grow a foundation with the readers as well as the characters. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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