The Sacrificers #2 Review

Writer: Rick Remender

Art: David McCaig & Max Fiumara 

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Cover Art: David McCaig & Max Fiumara

Publisher: Image

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 2, 2023

Reviewed: Samriddh Chaudhary


We return to the brutal world of Tomorrow and learn more about the overlords and the sacrifice that they expect from every community that inhabits their kingdom. In The Sacrificers #2, Rick Remender and Max Fiumara take us back to the world of one of the best books on stands right now.

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The Dispatch:

The second issue introduces us to the Sacrificers picked from other communities of Tomorrow and gives more depth to the world hence giving us more excellent world-building for this intriguing fantasy landscape. There is a sharp contrast between the behavior of each Sacrficer because of the difference in the way their respective communities treated them after choosing them as sacrifice. Remender likes to keep most aspects of his stories ambiguous and the readers discover more and more about his mysterious worlds and that trait of his writing is prevalent here. This method of maintaining ambiguity captures the reader’s attention and also improves the world-building significantly.

One common trait of Rick Remender’s writing that is missing in The Sacrificers #2 is the profound silence that inhabits the panels of his books. I have also enjoyed that aspect of his books especially when it comes to his other series A righteous Thirst for Vengeance. It is not a major issue it’s just the lack of something I appreciate in his writing.

The Art:

The art in this piece is simply gorgeous. It all meshes perfectly with the story. The character designs are spot on and really bring them to life. You can feel every emotion thanks to the characters’ expressive faces. And those beautifully drawn backgrounds add to the overall vibe.

Final Thoughts:

In The Sacrificers #2, Rick Remender and Max Fiumara delve into Tomorrow’s harsh world and its overlords’ demands from communities. This issue introduces diverse Sacrificers, reflecting their communities’ varying treatment. Remender’ssignature ambiguity engages readers while expanding the narrative. However, it lacks his usual moments of profound silence. The artwork blends seamlessly with the story, breathing life into characters and enhancing the overall experience. It is genuinely exciting that the first issue was successful and wish the same for the second issue.


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