Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man King’s Ransom #1 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artists: Rogê Antônio, Carlos Gomez & Zé Carlós

Colorist: Alex Sinclair

Cover Artists: Mark Bagley, John Dell & Brian Reber

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

It’s hunting season for Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin, and he’s got his sights set on Boomerang – a reformed super-villain and Spider-Man’s roommate and begrudging friend. Kingpin is so close to getting his hands on the mystical Lifeline Tablet, and the only thing standing in his way is Spider-Man and Boomerang. In Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1, the conflict may finally come to a close.

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Spider-Man has just saved his buddy and roommate Randy Robertson as well as his girlfriend Janice Lincoln aka Beetle from some super-villains. Now to finish off this arc, Spidey’s gotta save Boomerang from Kingpin’s army of criminals and he’s calling on some heroes to help him out. The Defenders minus Daredevil, Hawkeye, Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman, and Wolverine. The art with these heroes in action is great but short-lived to focus on the real stars of this comic.

This giant-sized comic is really all about Spider-Man and Boomerang’s friendship. Nick Spencer is giving his readers payoff for all the past stories told in his run featuring the two, whether it’s between Peter and Boomerang hanging out. Or Spider-Man and Boomerang fighting crime and saving their necks from one of Boomerang’s schemes gone awry. It’s all been leading up to this and it feels like a massive payoff.

While the two characters’ friendship and dynamic is certainly at the heart of this comic, it’s not the only one. Spidey’s friendships with the heroes and other characters are also put on display here too. Some of them give him some grief at first, Spencer playing that whole “Everyone hates Boomerang” card. But they brush through it because they’re Peter’s friends.

The artists do pull through on the art with these characters, doing everything they can to make them emotive, fun, and distinguished. Especially for the scenes between Spider-Man and Boomerang as they fight together in this comic. However, without spoiling anything, there are some big revelations made in this comic and some of them may disappoint some of the fans to be sure.

However, even with that bad news, the comic does some introspective character development for Kingpin, and through him Nick Spencer sets up another story that may or may not excite fans for what’s to come.

Final Thoughts:

Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 is a huge payoff to readers who’ve enjoyed Nick Spencer’s story, specifically Spider-Man and Boomerang’s oddball friendship. However, this issue may also letdown some of those very fans or maybe excite them for what’s to come. The multiple artists and the colorist come through for the comic’s characters and action for this conclusion to the current story arc.


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