Eternals #7 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Esad Ribić

Color Artist: Matthew Wilson

Cover Artist: Esad Ribić

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Not long ago, the Eternals were killed by the shock of the true origins of life on Earth, but then they returned. However, after one betrayal on top of a shocking revelation of Eternal civilization, our lead team of Eternals seek to change their ways for good. But so does Thanos, as we’ll see in Eternals #7.


So, this is a weird comic, and not in the cool, surreal and compelling way, but in a confusing and convoluted way. This comic’s plot is primarily focused on two things: Ikaris’ closure about the revelation of Eternals’ resurrection, and Thanos and Druig’s insidious plot to make the Mad Titan the Eternals’ leader. That’s not a spoiler by the way, the comic’s official synopsis already revealed that. While the former feels more like the slow beginning of part 1 of a story, Thanos’ half of the comic actually feels like a story being told.

With Ikaris and his team of Eternals, it just feels like a group of people standing around and talking but making no real progress in anything they want. Not about learning to “change”, not about changing Eternals’ resurrection, or fully repairing the Great Machine, etc. The primary Eternals do nothing of consequence other than sulk, talk, and sulk for a little longer. Whereas Thanos and Druig, on the other hand, accomplish something far more significant. But it’s so ridiculous that it makes no sense how it works and why it even works in the first place. And I must get into spoilers to discuss this.


Essentially, while Druig erased Phastos’ memory of the fail-safes in Thanos’ body, the Mad Titan is still rigged to blow so he wants a new body. Druig’s solution: integrate him into the Great Machine to get a new restored body. How? By getting Thanos elected as the Prime Eternal, leader of the Eternals on Earth. That’s right: Thanos needs to win an election just to get a new body. Namely by challenging Zuras, current leader of the Eternals, during the Eternals’ Uni-Mind session.

Now, the comic doesn’t say it’s an election, but it’s an election. And it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. The very idea of Thanos being elected by the Eternals to be their leader makes absolutely no sense. Now this is coming from a big Thanos fan, and even I can tell you that among all the crazy things Marvel writers have done with Thanos over the years, this is one of the dumber ideas. Who on Earth would willingly elect Thanos as their leader, especially among the Eternals? And remember, Kieron Gillen established in the Eternals: Thanos Rises one-shot that the Eternals have kept up with Thanos’ omnicidal actions in the Universe.

So, they’re fully aware of Thanos’ evil and what he’s done. But Kieron Gillen goes through with the idea, dumbing down the Eternals’ communion in the Uni-Mind – which admittedly gets a cool look thanks to Esad Ribić – by having Druig compare it to astral wrestling until they all agree on something. And just like that, Thanos wins the Eternals’ election. Thanos even kills both Zuras and Druig for good measure, in case the latter thought of using Phastos’ fail-safes against him. Despite all of the massive retcons and changes Kieron Gillen made to the Eternals, I’m willing to see what he does with Thanos as the Prime Eternal.

Final Thoughts:

Eternals #7 starts the new story arc for the Eternals, and this issue feels more like Thanos’ story. The primary team of Eternals don’t really do anything significant in this comic, while the real story is with Thanos and Druig. Their plot to make the Mad Titan leader of the Eternals is as ridiculous as their method to do so. However, it does chart an interesting new course for the Eternals and especially Thanos. We shall see what comes of this new development in the following issues.


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