Batman: The Imposter #2 Review

Writer: Mattson Tomlin
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Letterer: Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $5.99
Release Date: November 9, 2021
Reviewer: JR Huitt

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Batman: The Imposter #2 continues the bang bang story that Mattson Tomlin and Andrea Sorrentino are working on. Someone is going through the streets of Gotham City, pretending to be Batman. Even worse, he’s actually stepping across a line that the Dark Knight holds sacred and killing criminals.  Come along as we wander the dark streets of Gotham City with Batman in Batman: The Imposter #2.


Mattson Tomlin is laying a really well thought out Batman mystery in Batman: The Imposter #2.  The mystery of who the Batman Imposter is important to the story, but Tomlin allows other parts of the tale to breathe.  Because there are so many strong characters in Batman’s world, I always have to wonder if a writer will be able to provide enough depth for a new character to pop off the page.  In Batman: The Imposter, Detective Blair Wong has that depth.  By giving Detective Wong a back story similar to Bruce Wayne’s, Tomlin builds enough connection between them that I have become vested in their relationship.


Andrea Sorrentino has once again thrown down some of the most beautiful pages featuring Batman in Batman: The Imposter #2. I’ve always felt that Sorrentino’s composition has been one of his strongest strengths and this book is no different. There are a number of double page spreads in this book that scream out to be blown up to a much larger scale and thrown up on someone’s bedroom wall.


I really enjoyed Batman: The Imposter #2. I will honestly say that the reason that I was interested in this series was because of Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork. I’ve made a point to follow his work since first noticing him with DC’s I Vampire. That was in 2011 and I haven’t been disappointed with his work yet. The unexpected part was how much I’ve enjoyed Mattson Tomlin’s story.  I can’t wait to see how they top themselves with Batman: The Imposter #3.


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